All for a cause

A lot has changed, but I"m still the same nigga.

God bless everyone who's been with me through this journey.

The Reality That Is

We fight to be on the top. once we are at the top, we fight to remain there. Me... I encourage the bottom to exceed the top. Im just a man, the world is much larger than I am. If i die tomorrow people will cry. in 10 years will people remember I existed? Music is amazing in this aspect, if I can somehow… through the grace of god, if I can get people listen to my music, If I am discovered… my music will live on longer than I could ever hope to live. for all the musicians out there, understand, Im one of you. Im a guy who enjoys pushing the keys on his piano, who gets a kick out of having long conversations with his microphone. When you make music, do you remind yourself that the world is listening? A large portion of the entertainers that are being marketed right now boast, they create songs that highlight the situation their (supposedly) in… its fine to be confident I see no ill in confidence, but to be proud of a life that will be a vanity… a life that is limited. I feel like doing such a thing will not only ruin the spirit of our beloved music, but that it also has a negative effect on our audience. When I make a song I keep in my mind the facts. highschool students listen to my music. kids hear my music. What do i want them to know? here I am, a musician capable of taking a few minutes out of a strangers day and tell them anything. what is really worth saying? If you… the person reading this… if you are an mc. a singer.. a song writer… know that this all relates to you, you can make a big difference in this world. People tell you your whole life "you cant change the world" well, the people saying this, they cant change the world because they've convinced themselves its impossible. but you… you can! you can change the world and thats the truth. we can all change the world, all thats necessary is the courage to try. Be that positive change your community needs. Be Blessed and Never lose faith


I've always had a wish, one that i would dream Id wake up in your arms, and that would be the scene. Id kiss you on your cheek and walk across the hall where our children sleep, To answer all their calls. Id make us breakfast, mow the yard, remind you of my love buy a necklace, hold your heart and treasure it because you are you and I am me and one day you shall see my love for you is all you need to ever see this dream