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Far From (The) Genuine is a rag tag trio of punk rockers. Formed in 2009 in a shed in Enumclaw,Wa they have had a rotating cast of drummers befpre stumbling aceoss former Offtrak drummer Alicia Hannah and she fit like a glove. With a drive and determination to be the next big thing, FFTG delivers a high flying stage show of catchy songs and drum lines that will make you tap your foot. With influences ranging from old school jazz, to Blink 182, to Nirvana, Cody Sumner, Matt Zyskowski, and Alicia Hannah are a trio to watch!!! Signed to Law Dogg Music (independant label Tacoma,Wa) in early 2010 they have done upwards of 50 shows in the last year and are going on tour in March to promte their first official EP "Oh Beautiful Nightmare". They are something to watch with a sound unique to this trio and a stage show that you can remember, look out world!!! Here comes FAR FROM THE GENUINE!