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WAV Show

We will be playing @ the WAV in Ventura on Monday March 18th. Doors @ 7 all ages.

Recording Update

We Have just finished the "Together We Can Move The Sun" recording sessions. Big Huge Thank You to Craig Patin of Moron Studios and Entry Point Records. I am so excited. The Mixing sessions are set to take place in a week or two. It won"t be long after that. Thank You to all who Support us!

New Year!

It's a New Year People, Good by to a lifelong fulfillment of wasted dreams and Ambitions!......Hello #2012!

Andi Starr
Andi Starr  (over 5 years ago)

Amen bro!

Taft Bike Fest

Had a blast thanx to Two Wheel productions for inviting me, and the Last Chance Band for the sound equipment.

New Song

listen to the new song Temptations


Thanx to all the people who have been listening lately and signing up for the fan club. I am currently recording the LP and it should be out later this year.

The Place

I had a good time the other night at The Place. Small Venue good times. I will be there next Wesnesday @ 6:00pm. I will be playing an Acoustic show. The Date is June 1st. The Place is "The Place" Ventacopa, CA