About the song "Mosul"

Mosul is where I spent most of my deployment in Iraq.... the chorus sounds a little abstract but is actually literal: "When I was in Mosul I had chai tea at a goat pull We laughed and smoked cigars on the lanai As the lawyer’s singing, the chai cups were ringing To the anthem of goodbye American pie So that all would not be lost In the shadow in the shadow of the Mosque"

I was assigned to a small group led by a one star General as their Public Affairs NCO. They were from Hawaii had built a "lanai" or Hawaiian porch in our compound. The General loved his cigars and often entertained dignitaries and had "Key Leader Engagements" there. The JAG officer (lawyer) played guitar one of his first songs he learned was "American Pie". Our base was just on the edge of the city where the center piece was a giant Mosque.... We also had these "KLEs" at differnt places where we were served local foods and lots of chai. One was goat on a platter with rice...somewhere I picked up the term "goat pull". I started writing the music while I was there when I got a hold of a beat up old acoustic in Mosul. Most the lyrics came after coming home while fighting through the readjustment process and trying to reconcile the terrifying and horrific moments that overshadow the good things and/or good times while in a combat zone.


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