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Been listening to that record a lot this week...I have some that continually impress me with their generosity and selflessness. Others give me the compulsion to do the same. all of us in this intertangled web full of holes that history and water under the bridge seem to create still crawling around together nontheless. I love my friends although I feel most of the time that I'm not a very good one. Being a songwriter is so self serving. Eyes in the microscope never see what's going on in the room. I like to think that if I followed wild mustangs around in the desert and dug thru their scat looking for clues to how to find what I'm looking for that I would think about my friends and feel the same way; that I was a bad one, maybe I don't deserve them. And how much I appreciate them. The songs are my mustangs and the promise of another one over the next ridge tends to make me wander off alone... I think of my wife and kids in the same light. There with my friends down on the forest floor while I'm up in the tree. Hanging out, visiting, being surrogate dads, giving of eachother to eachother while I wander around looking for signs of life. Nobody ever asks me to come down, they just ask me how it's going and if I need anything. I need all of them, and my world exists because of them. Cheers to friendship, childhood, parenthood and brotherhood - See you in LA

Soul Beyond the Smoke

Sleepless night due to the mountain lion cub calling for mamma all night....ahghahgh...the songs on the site. Romancing is my elegy for recklessness. I was heartsick, self-destructive and hopelessly poor. I always imagine the steps of that Catholic church on S and ? (13th maybe) when I reflect on Romancing. Those steps are where I would go if I couldn't make it home. Under the canopy of downtown Sacto I always felt safe, but for some reason my vulnerability called those steps home base and all would be absolved lying on them. Coffee at the Alamo and constantly writing behind The Old Tavern on the Tracks. All very Duluoz to me now. I wanted my own Desolation Angels. Romancing is my tome on the bottomless pit and the one who shows up uninvited. We recorded it at Retrofit. It was the first time we met Tony. He engineered and mixed the song with JR's help along with a song called Money Don't Count which was recorded during the same session. We found the toy piano in the studio's pile of goodies. It's crooked like the song which is why I think I love it so when it comes in. Josh's guitar lead was an off the cuff loose blast - seamless and beautiful. The drumming was done by a kid named Brain who was fresh out of High school. We had lost Nate about a month earlier in an LA hotel blow out which I don't like to recall. Romancing has always been a favorite of mine. Songs Bottles Are Broken To and Still In The Water are on our first record Unknown Territory. To say we were enthusiastic during that record's recording session is an understatement. We were enmeshed in it. In eachother, the songs, the parts and probably for us at the time being so young we were absorbed by the process. Michael Tamony engineered and mixed the record which was recorded at Enharmonik (The Hangar -e?) and Pus Cavern in Sacto, CA. His mellow, steady hand guided that record and gave us the foundation we needed to become recording artists. Bottles is a story song. I had been listneing to a ton of John Prine and Tonwes Van Zandt. Songcraft songcraft songcraft. That's all I thought about at the time. Mason does his best dancing to this song live. Still In the Wateris another story song about the delta. It was written before bottles up in the attic on 17th and P. It came from a poem I subimitted in a manuscript to Black Sparrow which got the ole' heave as soon as I sent it out. We used to jam that song ala Mountain Jam back in the day. Little basement shows Kev Seconds let us open. Dirty little (some big) mountain kids. New to the scene, content to just be accepted. KIck us and we'd laugh it off, throw us out and we'd come on back. We had nowhere else to go and a scrap goes hand in hand with nothing to lose...usually. Until you're on tour with Lucero in Montana- then it's about being a sore loser barfly in the GnR pinball tournament- digression. That's how we met our tourmates. We buddied up chasing a knife puller through a busy restaurant and ended up having spiritual awakenings (or scaring the crap out of eachother) in an igloo in Salt Lake City - more digression. All Around The World and Like The Birds are taken from a 17 song demo I did at Retrofit in preparation for our third record. Shortly after Josh would bow out and Tony would join the band and we would begin The Amador Frequency sessions. One song from that demo made it on the record - The Letters. Those two songs are about the darkside. Ahhh yes the darkside. I've always felt a little bit of the devil floating around wherever I go. I put my soul beyond the smoke, pray for nature and rest in the arms of my family. Sets me right. Maybe it's a rocknroll pre-requisite that MR. D gets some side meat......light a candle for your lover and open your heart to the muse...beware the dog in the ditch.

So Here We are

The muse has always been elusive and I've never been one to blow it up for the sake of art. So I turned my back some time ago. as time has gone by I've slowly understood how deeply we were involved with one another and how much forever goldrush and our fans / friends prop me up and keep me sane. It's like that person you've lost in your life has come knocking on your door at 2 am, and as you open the door their image flash's in you brain and their they are standing on front of you with that look on their face and you can't say anything. You just hold them. That's where I am with all of you, now we go in the house and make something to drink and talk about it. Our series of warm up gigs in the county have been perfect. Over the top, booze, hearts songs, late night talks, amazing people, excellent post gig stories filled with irony and laughs over coolers of hippy beer. We have a little bit of travel coming our way - LA and up north and we want to see all of you there. We're super excited for the 4 and 20 Blackbirds festival in Weed, CA on July 30th. We look forward to meeting Sylvia Massey and the Radio Star crew as we're set to begin recording our next record there Sept.1. The proceeeds of the festival go to buying a new town clock for Weed and as our drummer Tony says," that's what music and art and friendship are all about". He's spot on. Keep an ear out down south - we'll be on Suicide Girls Radio Sunday August 7th, then a show in Silverlake on the 10th. It'll be good to see old friends and make some new ones. Our long lost child will finally be released August 2nd, and we'll celebrate the release of "The Amador Frequency" August 12th with walking spanish and nikki bluhm opening. Wow, soooooo long! The Amador Frequency is our homage to all things you left and can never find again - namely home. All things Thomas Wolfe would expound upon. In all of it I see unabashed friendship. Thick and thin, taking all of the bad because you can't live without the good. Not understanding the cave troll, but giving the cave troll a place to break things and cry. The songs are truly of me and my heart and not persona. I take my hat off to Tony and Mason for giving of themselves and being unselfish. I can't wait for you to hear it Come see us and join in on this dirty inspired foothill madness that is Forever Goldrush. See you at the shows

Big D 7-8-11