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in the hands of the mastering engineer

for now we wait- by tomorrow we should hear the preliminary mastered versions of 5 tunes for The BoneYard Rattlers first EP. 3 of the songs were written by yours truly.

It has been quite the effort, just trying to coordinate schedules to get the recordings done, the challenges of subsequent 'heh, I have an idea!" and a change in line-up well ingot he line-up. A lot of time went into the arrangements, timing, the signal chain during the actual recording, avoid using plug-ins, and basically keep at it till we had it down. First time I've been in a band where almost everything was charted out, reviewed, changed, scrapped, but always in a forward direction.

I've been involved in other CD efforts and this is the one I'm feeling the strongest about. Here's hoping our ego's haven't gotten in the way and deceived us!


BoneYard Rattlers has started a new ReverbNation Page (www.reverbnation.com/boneyardrattlers) and this page will revert back to my personal page with assorted musical avenues explored.

Please pay the new page a visit and become a fan over there!!

We'd appreciate it!

my own blog?!?

crazy concept.

currently bring a new guitarist/singer/songwriter into the band I play with. On my own I've been working on my studio, adding a bit more acoustic treatment and spending time getting used to a couple of new mics and preamps (Neumann, AEA, UAD... and AEA)

a few song ideas floating around, and doing some internet collab over on GrooveZoo. Currently a tune that I wrote the lyrics, sing, and I'm doing the mixing ! so far going well, and this session looks like one that might actually get to a completed stage... a couple of others just seem to be dying the slow death of apathy.

The current session is a straight up blues tune, with lyrics titled "Interrogation" based on someone in a relationship with a very jealous and constantly suspecting mate. Completely fictional... well OK, loosely based on someone I know who's wife thinks everything thing he does away from her points at affair... and as far I know... he's been true-blue the whole time.

The session itself is titled Funky Blues, mainly because it started as instrumental only....if it finalizes maybe I'll be able to post here!

well that's about all I can think of or make up for my first official "blog" posting..... wild