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What's new??

We are stoked to have Mitch Weiss as our new manager and he has some brilliant ideas to get us rolling even faster. He is working on some studio time in Santa Inez with a professional producer -so we are excited about recording some new material. We are booked for the upcoming 805 Rockfest in October which is sounding better and better with hot artists added daily. The Mayors are reworking their image and preparing for some summer shows. Until next time -take care fans.

Long tour of April

Well we made it through the long month of April-we had 6 shows some back to back which included the MOnday Night Residency gigs at the fun Billy O's. We met some amazing people including the talented Kasey lead singer and guitarist for Die Evil Die. Randy liked them so much he asked them to record a few songs at the MOG recording studio in Santa Paula. Check them out when their drummer's recovers from his broken leg. We enjoyed meeting 21st Century Goliath on tour from N. Carolina. What a nice bunch of guys and they were hilarious too. Something about a southern accent-makes every story more fun. We are planning to work on some new songs and get them recorded. Big thanks to Shannon from Preachers and Pornstars who did our sound at CityFest last weekend-it sounded very heavy-hope to do some shows with them soon too. That's all for now stay tuned for upcoming events and tunes. R.

new recordings

Hey there MOG fans we are currently in mix down mode for a bunch of demo songs that should be out real soon. Randy has hurt his back again but even in a walker he will continue to play live shows! We are looking forward to maybe working with Pondersosa Records in the near future on album and distribution deal so stay tunes.

Rob Swink
Rob Swink  (about 5 years ago)

Randy's rockin an MOG sticker on his walker, don't forget Mayors merchadise.


Finished up my guitar parts yesterday- pretty happy with it- we used the leslie rotating speaker I found in the trash for one song-pretty cool sound stay tuned vocals and mixing are next-maybe a rough mix soon!

New songs and upcoming show

Hey there Randy here-we have been hard at writing, recording, and rehearsing for our first show in over a year! We are at the Dragon Room at Golden China on September 28-that's Friday night so plan on coming out to check out the new sound.