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David Wayne Brown ll (2002)

Just spoke with my best friends mom today, it was great she still has the same sweet voice as she always did. It was great talking to her, We talked about the life and death of her son and my best friend David Brown. I was able to share my issues and strong holds from this dramatic incident that changed of the lives of many. David and I engaged in gang activity a very long time ago. Which ended up costing him his life and costing me the mental memory of the phone conversation several days after. I can't tell you kid enough to quit the violence. the road your heading down has one ending and I know the death part hurts more than being the one to grow old and have to remember it. I know the leaders have code and reasons why they do what they do as far as recruiting, but you have to make that choice is it going to be you. Once you live by the gun you die by it. They don't play that in rap songs. You have to be a witness. Young brothers and sisters I swear I wouldn't tell you anything wrong. The first time I ever went to church, I told the pastor I was about to kill somebody and I didn't know what to do. it was something I felt I had to do but I really didn't want to. That Pastor looked at me and said "why" I said"someone just killed my brother and I have to get revenge." He said " young man you don't have to do nothing, vengeance aint yours." Then he ended our conversation with that. Then kept on walking. I was angered cuz at the time he didn't tell me nothing. I didn't understand it. The night came for me to go handle this business we had just got all the so called information and the where abouts. Once we arrived we picked one of the guys up acting like we were trying to buy weed, dude got in the car. Then I just couldn't do it, I felt David saying "man look at you,you look like a fool. You do that your life is over as well as mine" Dude started telling us about his girlfriend and her being pregnant. I just didn't have it in me, my boys dissed me for not doing it, but oh well it is what it is. Now I'm glad I didn't do it, I never shared this with anyone, in fear of people judging me. But hey forget you if you wanna judge me, I lived my life how I was raised. I am glad I am not like that anymore. When you see me you see one thing I look in the mirror I see a different person. His mom asked me about my music , she said I have a great talent and I was good she was hoping something happened with it. I woke up, the music I've been producing is't me and I'm sorry you guys for giving you half as talent. I am who I am and nobody can change it. I'm a better me and I no longer hold myself at fault for the murder of my best friend because his mother said it's not my fault. but it will be my fault if the world doesn't hear this story, and if you never know who David Wayne Brown ll is. he impacted my life in a major way and he will forever be in my heart. Stop the Violence Please!!

DJ LILLG  (over 2 years ago)

That is powerful man

Dante Steward
Dante Steward  (almost 2 years ago)


I Hate You!

I hate that you scheme to destroy my every move, well enough is enough. It's time I start fighting back, see you don't know me I'll grab a hanger and hang you upside down then beat you like a pinata with my hands until I can't hit no more. You don't know who you attacking, I was trained to trample on weak fragile things like you. Satan I rebuke you and every idea before you think it. in Jesus Holy name!


What you are about to read is based on a true story the character named "I" IS NOT reffering to me: I started out with nothing, not knowing I could've asked for help. So I did it on my own, things worked out I guess. I always had a little money, and I got to meet interesting people along the way. I made good friends, until I turned my back. Then for some reason they always stabbed me in the back. I guess thats how they showed feelings for me. It's cool even tho I almost lost it all, speaking of losing it all I did but when I did lose it all everyone left. I thought it was messed up but I guess they left to give me space so I could get myself back together. Because soon as I climb back on top, they all came back. They allowed my life to be personal so they never asked about my family. I wouldn't mind if they did, I actually would have enjoyed answering them but I understand. They my really good friends, so why bother knowing If I even have a family. We always partied so we never argued. Every time I bought weed, they brought rolling papers to save me money. Since I did spend my money on the weed. "even tho I really wanted to smoke it by myself." the greatest thing of all was when they bought weed I never saw them so you can say they didn't want to encourage me to do drugs. But soon as it was gone, they came back threw to kick it and smoke my weed. One day we were sitting on the couch, talking about stuff you only discuss when your high. I said "I don't wanna smoke this stuff anymore I want to become somebody." They said "who would I become?"( with a slight laugh of there breath.) I said, "I don't know maybe a then I forgot what we were talking about so we rolled up another blunt and laughed so hard about what I said that I never accomplished anything. ~~~~~~To be Continued~~~~ by Dante a.k.a DT