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broken things - our album

Hey, we made an album, 20% of proceeds go to benefit the Sheridan College music tech program in Sheridan, WY, the town of our birth, and all parts performed by the barefoot ninja micah wyatt. here's how you buy it: http://www.thebarefootband.com/store.html

broken things - a full length album

This month (January, 2014), after long last and learning how to work new compy art programs, we are releasing a full-length album, "broken things." like, without wanting to sound too conceited or anything, we're massively proud of this work - it represents two years of songwriting and composition work, and it's about as well-put-together as a brick poophouse.

in short, we think it's neat-o.

but here's the deal. you can have one of these albums, but this is a very special release for us because it's 100% NOT being offered in digital format. that's right. we don't intend to ever put it on iTunes or any other digital download site. yes. with the audacity of a barefoot idiot, we are only releasing this album as a physical thing in the digital world. why? because we made it, and we like albums, and we'd like our album to be a thing you put on your shelf, and look at, and maybe taste a little, if no one's watching. you know...if you're into that kind of thing.

the awesome-ness:

a portion of EACH SALE will go to benefit the music technology program at Sheridan College, the 2-year college in our hometown of Sheridan, WY. some of the other portions of each sale will benefit our pasta habit, and the pasta habits of Jack Records' CEO and resident guru, Kyle Davenport. the rest of each sale will go for paying for the album's cost, in the first place, which was substantial, but, in our frugality, not out of control.

how you GET the awesome-ness:

By paying $10:

-come out to one of our many shows, or if you know us, stop us in the street and hit us with a 10spot.

By paying $12 ($2 extra for shipping):

-if you don't see us regularly, but want one mailed to you, you can email us at micah.wyatt@gmail.com OR follow the payment link from our website: http://www.thebarefootband.com/store.html

By giving any amount of money directly to the Music Technology Program at Sheridan College: http://www.sheridancollegefoundation.org/web/giving/ - making sure to direct the gift to the music tech program

show/email us your confirmation of gift at micah.wyatt@gmail.com and we will totally send you an album.

The Should've Been Tapes

So, we have a soundcloud, where you can find rehearsal tapes and recordings of our live sets re-played in our own livingroom for people who like live sounding music but don't like going to live shows. We're all about helping folks out. soundcloud.com/barefootandproud

Interview w/ Aldora Britain Records

http://aldorabritainrecords.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/shine-our-interview-with-american.html We totally paid $8 for the privilege of doing this interview. The $8 went towards producing music shows in Scotland, so that's pretty neat: Some Choice Answers:

1 - What was your first musical memory and what pushed you towards pursuing a career in the record industry? “My first musical memory is either my mother playing Spanish folk songs to me or listening to Hank Williams and Willie Nelson on the radio with my father while he worked on our home. I'm not sure which one was earlier, but both influenced me a great deal when I was young. While I've been playing music my whole life (keys at six, cello at seven, etc.), I never actually thought about a career in the record industry. I picked up the guitar at age twenty-four after several years of dancing in the mud at hippie festivals in the Rocky Mountains and elsewhere, and once I didn't sound like the worst guitar player in the world, I started dreaming of playing live. Several years later, my reality caught up to my dreams. Sometime after that, reluctantly, I started making records.”

3 - Why did you choose to become a solo artists instead of forming a band? “When I moved away from Laramie, The Blue Routes tried to stay together, but 300 miles separated us from one another. Despite the internet and our desires, Wyoming just refused to get any smaller. When I moved to Sheridan, all the decent musicians without steady jobs or too much family were already in several bands. Blindly and stupidly determined, I struck out on my own. I've found that I'm both in love with and hating being a solo act, after two and a half years of doing it. It's wonderful to be able to book virtually anything and not have to worry about other people's schedules, but at the same time, it gets old to hear from venues, over and over, "Meh....we just don't book solo acts." But trust me, I'm not whining. I love being what I am.” 4 - How would you describe the sound of The Barefoot Band? “Dancey, joyous, and raucously dark, all at the same time.” 5 - Where did the name The Barefoot Band come from? “Well at one point, I began playing without any shoes on so that I could unfetter my toes (they are key in keeping rhythm...) After a number of shows, I took a look down in the middle of a song I'd written that involved a loop pedal (so I sounded like three or four instruments at once) and thought, 'wow, a barefoot band'.” 6 - Why do you go under the name The Barefoot Band instead of your own name? “Somewhat for childish reasons, I guess. When I first started this, I'd wanted for so long to be in a working band that I figured I'd name it "band" even if it was just me. Technology like loop pedals and my own beatboxing skills really do make it possible to be a band by oneself. The other reason was to stand out in a field of solo performers. I'm still happy I did it. I also regret the decision. Typical Libra.” 12 - Who would be your dream collaboration? “Leo Kottke, without a doubt. I'd love to sing with him while his fingers made mincemeat of a fretboard. The other person I'd love to play with at some point in time is Ani DiFranco.”

up on the iTunes!

go take a look, fans and neighbors! our release, Gas Money For Austin is up on the iTunes!!

Just Trying This Out

been a devil of a summer for the barefoot band - a wild wet June followed by our first sweat, expensive, but amazing tour up the west coast and through the mountainlands of montana...