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June 27th Shine Concert

First off, a BIG thank you to everyone who came out last weekend. The show was a blast! We rocked for about an hour and you guys were an awesome group to play for. We linked a short video clip that Sam's friend Chris filmed and posted to YouTube, so be sure to check that out. Did anybody take any pictures that they could share with us? If you post them, be sure to tag us so we can check them out and maybe link them to them on our ReverbNation page. Again, thank you for coming out to the show. We hope to see you all soon.

New Fans, Full Band & New Music

First, I want to start out by thanking all of the new and existing fans for the recent attention. We have quickly climbed up the local Sacramento Rock charts and have nearly broken the top 30!!!

Secondly, we have recently played a couple shows with our new bass player Brett, but without our guitar player Gabe due to him traveling out of the country. Our upcoming show on Friday, July 26th at Old Ironsides in Sacramento will be the first live performance featuring all 4 members of The Silent Game and will be awesome.

Lastly, Sam has finished vocals for 3 new recorded songs and we will hopefully have something online or in a hardcopy for your enjoyment in the very near future.

See you all on July 26th!!!


The Silent Game will be playing a couple of shows this summer. We have booked 2 dates at Old Ironsides in Sacramento: Saturday, May 25 & Friday, July 26. We would love to see you all come out and show us some love. Additionally, Brett Martin has joined the band to replace the sampled bass that we were using during our live shows. That should step it up a notch. We hope to see everybody soon! -The Silent Game Sam.Brian.Brett.Gabe.

October Updates

Hello all. It has been a while since we spoke as we are just now returning from our summer hibernation. To bring everyone up to speed, we have been working hard on a new VLP (very limited play) album... record... cd... uh, handful of digital music tracks? Sure, let's roll with that. We have also brought in the immensely talented Brett Martin to play bass in place of the former "prerecorded tracks". What Brett lacks in consistency, he makes up for in presence and volume. Lastly, we are looking to play a mid-October show and will communicate that as soon as one has been booked. Thank you for your support and be on the look out for our HODMT (handful of digital music tracks) in the very near future.