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It was about time to post some song not as romantic as the other ones haha...a dance song...have fun!"!


I don´t believe in luck, I believe in hard work and well done!!


I apologize for the not very good sound of my music,,.but considering it´s been recorded played and sung for a non pro and to a mp4, it´s not very bad right? haha...seriously many thanks for your kind support


You´d never guess by listening to my songs..haha... W.A.S.P., KISS, HOUSE OF LORDS, AEROSMITH , SURVIVOR, GUN (not to be confused with guns and roses) and many many many more from different styles!!

SECRET husshhhhhh....

If I became where I am now (to have a lot of songwriters friends in reverbnation) is because I had absolutely not support from any of my family...;( but that made me a real strong man songwriter and musician!!


In the music business everybody knows me as CHARLY,,,and most people just as keyboardist in a hardrock band...Charly because of my grandmother always called me CARLI and because I like it!! CARLITOS= CHARLY in english...I love english language but more the american!!


This song is dedicated especially for you!! you make my dream come true!!

For my friends songwriters, musicians and fans!!


I.m a spanish songwriter (that´s what I dreamed of as a child!!) , I always wanted to be a singer but I never had the guts...I always hid behind my keyboards in a hardrock band...I think I had enough!! It´s my time to come to light!!


I don´t know...I write what I feel..I think I don´t sound like no one, that´s what I wanted!! My likings come from hardrock, aor, piano ballads, rock, poprock and even disco...I like good music in general!!


Many of these songs are really old but here they are brand new...some of them were written for mew many many years ago---I posted just the songs that can sound without great arrangements,,,THE ROCK SONGS AND THE OTHER ONES ARE STILL WAITING TO SOUND LIKE THEY DESERVE!!