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Slow Grind

"Been in tha game for a minute/ On tha scene for a while now/ People walk by me and say Smurf why you don't smile now/ I thru playing games plus there's nothing to laugh about/ Trying to put this music out and represent tha South/ When it's a drought in my city/ Tha humidity is overbearing/ Ya better watch whatcha buy these ni%*az ain't caring/ Streetz on fire I can not lie/ Tha boys in blue & news crews when I cruise by/ Hood hott, paranoia, don't wanta get caught up/ These young ni%*az fucking up and burning tha block up/ Making tha wrong choices not knowing it will cost ya later/ Cause when them goons get on yo azz bro I can't save you/ Upper Echelon stays on my mind/ That's why I spit it on every line and stay on my grind, You chumps/ Good green I break down in my blunts/ While you suckaz got on skinny jeans and looking like punks, Come On"

Concrete Jungle

Concrete jungle pure mayham/ gotta get it how i live this is who i am/ Product of my enviroment all these bullets be firing/ all these jobs be firing/ These niggaz be tattling/ Wanting to know to much about this and that/ I give them suckaz my distance and then I keep making tracks/ On a regular, if I ain't got no kush I'm smoking regular/ If I ain't sipping purp I'm on tha yellow then/ Very expensive medicine we heavy in tha streets/ My niggaz heavy wit tha beats I write tha verses then complete. Written By Jermaine (Smurf Diggidy) Collier on 3/23/11