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More weekend updates

Well this weekend was very eventful. Began Friday morning when I learned that the crackheads I heard fighting outside at 3am were really slashing all four tires on my mother's car, which needless to say ruined her morning and most of the day. Then I went to work, had an awesome jam session with the other guys in Sullied River and proceeded to get drunk, call one of my friends a fascist for no apparent reason and pass out on the singers floor. No one drew a dick on my face thankfully. Then Saturday comes around and after stopping by home I go to work, and somewhere in between getting to work and finishing packing up one of the tires on my car got slashed. Couldn't have come at a less opportune time since Dante and I had to meet Drew at Amplyfi in less than an hour to play, which was approximately a 30 minute drive from where we were at. Still with a AAA driver a phone call away and new tire on in twenty minutes we were good to go and made to the show just as we were supposed to go on, were set up in 7 minutes and got to playing. Then it was on to the next gig, which was a friends 21st birthday party in Eagle Rock. We made it there and Drew and Dante were already quite inebriated but we played a killer set and everyone danced which was pretty awesome but the fun wasn't over. After packing up we began to drink heavily and the night ended with Dante passed out on the couch, myself out on the front lawn and Drew at home, who sadly had to go to a job interview in the morning (jesus man, you never cease to amaze me). Sunday after hanging with our new friends David, Sylvia, and Eden, Dante and I hightailed it back to Venice so he could get picked up to go see Flock of Seagulls in the park at Warner Center in a semi-conscious state. After taking care of the usual daily crap it was back on the road for me, my mission was to see our friends the Peek's last show in Burbank at Viva Cantina, you guys were fuckin' amazing, just saying. You can't stay dead, good Rock n' Roll never dies. Then it was back out to Eagle Rock to hang with David, Eden and her boyfriend. Ended the night with a glass of port on David's couch which was fuckin' delicious, and passed out. Since then it's been life bullshit after life bullshit but most of it is cleared up now at least so today I will be relaxing in Topanga for a while. Maybe I'll climb a mountain today, I don't know. -Tony

This weekend in review

So the weekend was awesome up until a point. Friday night was a great night. Went to support our friends the Baby Fleas and Wild Wing out at Lot 1 in Echo Park, I highly recommend you all check them out. Unfortunately we missed Wild Wing but the Baby Fleas were the shit. Then went out to an awesome party around there at this house that had a bamboo forest in the back yard and a stagnant fountain that smelled horrible but Meat Market and Santoros played, unfortunately missed Santoros, but I will catch you guys SOON! Then had to get back to the westside. Then bullshit struck yesterday when Trayvon Martin's killer walked. I guess walking while black in Florida is illegal now since any asshole with a gun can shoot you if they "feel threatened" by your presence and will get acquitted. Oh, and juxtapose that ruling with the one that ruled that a black woman who fired a gun into the air to scare off her abusive husband gets twenty years. Congratulations Florida, I think you deserve a fucking medal for that one. Takes commitment to be that institutionally racist. Anyway, at least I got to eat some Killer Shrimp last night out here in Venice. So anyway, hope all your weekend was interesting. -Tony

ummm, hi

So this weekend has been quite a crazy one. I don't think there wasn't a night where I didn't have a shit ton of things to do. All good things, whatever keeps you from being bored right? So now that we had a really awesome show last week, we have to really pull everything together for the next show. Don't want to lose the steam.New recordings are sounding great, just waiting on them to come back from being mastered, then we'll see if they come out better than raw. Crossing our fingers. Anyway, that's whats going on with us for now. -Tony

New Blog

All right so we have a new blog I guess... whoop-di-fuckin'-doo... I guess the next thing an up and coming yet totally obscure indie collective such as ourselves should get is a fucking tumblr... Yep we are really fucking lame. So congratulations to ourselves... we are so... fucking... winning... -Tony