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Opening for Brandon Rhyder!

If you're free Saturday, June 8, come on out to Circleville Store in Taylor, TX! I'll be going on stage at 7:30, Cody Justin King will follow at 8:30, and then Brandon Rhyder will be singing at 10:00. See you there!

Free Concert at Southpark Meadows!

THIS Saturday at Southpark Meadows, I will be singing with Airwave 80s band at a FREE concert. Bring your lawn chair! It's a beautiful outdoor facility with tons of places to eat and drink. Has a playground and a water fountain in which kids can play. Last year, Airwave 80s had well over 1,000 people dancing and singing along. 7:30 - 10:30, May 11th! See you there!


Hey, everyone! The decades band I sing for, Airwave FM, is playing a FREE concert THIS SATURDAY, April 20th, from 3:30 to 6:00 PM at 1890 Ranch Shopping Center in Cedar Park! Hope to see y'all there. There are rumors I'm singing a Michael Jackson song. ;) Come find out for yourselves!



I'll be singing at Circleville Store in Taylor this Saturday, March 23rd at 5 PM! Then Robert Lawhon will be playing at 8. It's a free concert with bar b que plates outside and cold beer, SO GET READY FOR A GREAT NIGHT! See y'all there. :)

Singing at Gumbo's North

Hey there, all you Round Rock and Georgetown folk!

Gumbo's (the place with the AMAZING cheesecake) has relocated to the Georgetown Square at 701 S Main St. Georgetown, TX and I will be singing there Friday, March 16th at 7 pm! So here's what you need to do:

1. Put it on your calendars 2. Come on out to Gumbo's to enjoy great food, AMAZING cheesecake, and some pretty great music performed by yours truly. 3. HAVE A GREAT TIME! :)

It's going to be so great. Cannot wait to see you there!

East Wilco Challenger Sports Benefit

So, guess what, guys. THIS IS MY FIRST POST! :) So, as my first official blog post, I decided I wanted to write about something important. So, HERE IT IS! :)

The East Wilco Challenger Sports Benefit. Wow. Where to start. First, let me start with this: my heart has been forever changed. A week or so ago, I helped out with Challenger Sports, and to put it short, Challenger Sports is an organization that allows disabled children to participate in athletic activities - whether mentally or physically challenged. And during my time as a volunteer, I played basketball with these WONDERFUL children. At first (before my arrival), I was a little worried because 1) I DON'T play basketball, 2) I had no idea what the founders of the organization looked like, and 3) I was by myself and didn't know where to go. But reason #4 is the most important. Reason #4 was my true worry and it was the only one that really mattered. ...So, 4) I had no idea if I was going to bond with these beautiful kids that I had never interacted with before. And I knew I would love them when I saw them, but I had no way of knowing if they would love me back.

But guess what. Every fear was erased the second a young boy rolled the ball to me, inviting me to play. Every worry was gone when the adults instantly brought me in, treating me as part of the family. Because that's what this organization is. It's a family. A huge, big, wonderful, loving, kind-hearted, warm family. The children, that I knew I would fall in love with the second I saw them, were complete angels. I came home from that basketball game feeling alive. Feeling inspired. And I couldn't wipe my smile off of my face. I couldn't stop squealing. And most importantly, I couldn't WAIT to see them all again.

Unfortunately, I am quite busy at the moment writing scholarship essays with close deadlines, so I can not share everything my heart desires to tell you so badly. So maybe later I will tell you about the specific kids I played with and their loving hearts and just plain adorable-ness.

But for now, I will leave you with this: East Wilco Challenger Sports is putting on a benefit concert in April. It will be April 14th, 2012, in my hometown of Taylor, TX. ALL of the proceeds will be going toward building a baseball field for these little darlings to play on during baseball season, because these children have no place to call their home field. I will be the opening act, starting at 5:45 P.M., and other bands will be performing, such as, Darby Ledbetter, Kori Jean Olsen, Chapter 3, and Bral. It's for a wonderful cause, guys. Don't you just absolutelyyy agree?! :) Tickets are for sale (I'm selling them!), but you can also pay for admission at the door. Ten dollars. Ten dollars on a single Saturday, and you can bring a smile to every kid's face in the organization. Taking care of these kids has become something so incredibly important to me... They're so genuine and cheerful. It's like they're us, but their hearts are more pure. You spend time with a child in this organization for even a few minutes, and you can instantly see their heart. You can instantly see their love for all things. And you can instantly see their complete and utter happiness. They're all so sweet. And it is such a blessing to be making a difference in their lives. And I know that it would be such a blessing in YOUR life if you were to do the same. So think about it, pray about it, open your heart up to these kids, and I assure you that you will be amazed. I was.

Dunsondiva  (over 5 years ago)

You certainly bonded with my daughter. She STILL talks about you. How your her "teenager". I'm glad you came out and you are doing the concert. She will be BEYOND excited to you!!