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aural fix [+ Show] the inside connection "On one of the coldest nights of this winter, I witnessed one of the hottest nights of music in a while. A Farewell Fire kicked off the night. I had been hearing alot about these guys and now I know why. While they are as hard as nails at times, they do break it down and the vocals aren't all screams. The rest and the breakdown create contrast in music, particularly the harder styles, and too many beginner bands miss this key element in their music. AFF use this tactic to keep their screams from becoming monotonous. The band recently filmed for a local music television show 'Voicebox TV' and have a CD called 'The Thin Line Between', which is is their debut album. Visit www.afarewellfire.com to find out more." -Mike Ferrari "Heavy and melodic, this band is pure intensity on stage." -The Inside Connection Magazine

irving plaza

IRVING THANKS!!! we had an awsome time last night playing with some real talent. All 12 bands really brought it and there were some crazy ups and downs all night long, but in the end we will still be on FUSE and we def kicked IRVING PLAZAS ASS!!!! HUGE thanks to everyone who came down to IRVING PLAZA and supported us in one of the BIGGEST shows have ever played. There were over 1200 people in attendance last night who screemed there heads off, broke open the pit , and croud surfed for us!!Thanks for making this a show to remember, AND to the tons of new people we sold cds to and shook hands with thanks and hope to see you at our next shows!!

Good Times Magazine Showcase

Press Reviews 2006 spot lite series concerts Good Times Magazine It was obvious from the opening bars of A Farewell Fire’s set that they intended to push the bar a little higher for all the finalists competing in the big showcase. The four-piece thrash-core outfit, who played in front of giant banners sporting the AFF logo, showed off their Glassjaw and Fugazi influences by pouring it on with savage choruses, intricate breakdowns, and megaphone-charged vocals. Singer Bill Moros and guitarist Eddie Raccioppi jumped around the stage as if it was a trampoline, while bassist Mike Zagel and drummer Ray Rossier laid down phenomenal beats and grooves, churning the audience into a frenzy. Spotlight on Go