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New SIID Album, Sate, Released Today!

I am really excited to announce the release of Serenade II Darkness' CD, titled, "Sate" after the 12 minute track of the same name. "Sate" takes a new turn in musical development, making use of more harrowing melodies and agonizing riffs, both electric and acoustic! -Divion

Our Official Music Video for "To A Hell"

We are excited to announce the release of our official theatrical music video for "To A Hell", which will appear on our upcoming demo! Please help us get the word out by "Sharing", "Liking" and creating a buzz! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Goqo-b3U6iQ

Stay Tuned TODAY for Music Video Release!

Today we will be releasing our long awaited, official theatrical music video for "To A Hell" on YouTube! We will post the link here tomorrow... Even though the video deals with a serious subject, we had fun making the video and hope you love it as much as we do. You can help us to get the word out by "Sharing", "Liking" and creating a buzz!

SIID in the Studio Recording New Demo

On 4/4/14, Divion and Vidar of Serenade II Darkness went into the studio to record their latest song, "Sate", along with updated, melodic versions of their songs, "Knives" and "To A Hell". Studio drummer, Creez provided the explosive drum track, adding a new dimension to SIID's heart-chilling songs.

On 4/25/14, musician Holland Chadwick went into the studio with SIID frontman, Divion to record the bass track for SIID's demo. Divion also added a teaser clip to the end of demo highlighting his new song in the works, "Sacred Fire". A big thank you to Holland for contributing the bass track, to Creez for providing the drum tracks and to Dan Jameson, owner of Endless Recording Studio for the mixing!

SIID Updates...

After three busy months of holidays and heavy schedules, Divion and Vidar were able to come together with their new drummer, Blade and combine the work Blade had been doing on Bloodshot Eyes. Check back on our Facebook Page for updates of when Serenade II Darkness will be showing up at The Stone Church open mic to do our first performance with Blade!

New Drummer for SIID!

October 25, 2013: Serenade II Darkness is proud and happy to welcome Blade, a gifted and passionate drummer with years of trained and professional experience, to our band! After an intense second audition that involved Blade working with the band to add drums to “Bloodshot Eyes”, it was clear that Blade was a perfect match for SIID’s style and vision. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Watch the new SIID Montage!

Check out our fast-paced video and photo montage of our last four performances at The Stone Church Music Club, featuring two of our original songs! Please share! http://youtu.be/0zN9IbQEd7M

SIID Featured in Home Education Magazine!

Serenade II Darkness and the story of how Divion started the band was featured in the Sept/Oct issue of Home Education Magazine! http://homeedmag.com/home-education-magazine/

The Wire Reviews SIID CD

Thank you to The Wire Magazine for giving Serenade II Darkness' self-titled album a powerful review in this week's issue!

SIID Featured in Spotlight Magazine!

SIID is in Spotlight magazine today- Check out our interview! http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20130228-ENTERTAIN-302280306