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State of Affairs

Rough promo released. http://www.theblackmoriah.com/music.html

Mixing nearing completion.

Mastering sessions arranged.

Artwork being commissioned & conceptualized.

Airwaves assaulted.

Future shows loom. http://www.theblackmoriah.com/shows.html

Show us your gold. http://www.theblackmoriah.com/merch.html

Laying Down Tracks

We took advantage of the long weekend by holding our recording engineer, Chris Galt, hostage and getting 90% of vocals recorded. Evintis plowed through like a champion. Backing vocals by Zawicizuz & Maledon sounded extra dark due to oncoming illnesses, and the Mad Arab oversaw the production with almost obsessive compulsive zeal.

Hails to Runes of the Evening, our brother Alkahest's posse, who had a show on Friday.

Recording will be completed this coming week and mixing will commence shortly thereafter.

Shows for the coming year are in the works, website is being developed, and photoshoot is being scheduled.

Shirts, stickers & buttons are available for purchase, message us on Facebook for prices & photos.

Thanks for your patronage, we hope to see you out on the trail soon.

Via Con Dios, Amigos.

The Black Moriah

Thirsty Gallows

Advanced Rough Mix from upcoming album Casket Prospects.