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Places We Have Played

Jess Sides and Graham Denmon have played at all sorts of venues, local weddings, organization and business events, including: Mr. Smalls Fun House The OTB Bicycle Cafe The Carson City Saloon The Altar Bar The Brillobox The Thunderbird Cafe Club Café The Park House Downeys House Help us add to this list... where would you like to see us play?


I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our new reverbnation site. Until our full, official site is up and running, this will serve as our primary site where you can find show dates, downloads, videos, and more! Graham and I finished practice last night with I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston (Dolly Parton), and we are so pumped. We do so many love songs, that I think that we are destined to do a few weddings soon. Keep us in mind for private entertainment, also. We love the intimate atmospheres of private parties. Thanks again and God Bless!!!