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Third # 1 Song

Following "Blues on Parade" and "Rag Top Baby", "Why ya been Gone So Long" became the third Number Song from my Cd "Deep In The Heart of Me" Thank you to all the DJ's around the world for playing my music and a special thanks to everyone for requesting my music.

Top 100 True Country Albums 2014

What an honor to wind up on The Roots Music Report's Top 100 True Country Album Chart for the Year of 2014 for my CD "Deep in the Heart of Me". Check out the Elite Company I am keeping. http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/charts/view/album/sub_genre/true-country/yearly/2014 Oh by the way, not only made the top 100, I was fortunate to make the top 10. Thanks to everyone for all of your support. Lee

Americana Music Show Adds With Host Calvin Powers

Lee Sims has that weather-beaten look about him that can only come from decades living in tough wilds of Colorado. He’s got a baritone voice that sounds as big as the mountains and an pitch perfect ear for Texas swing, honky-tonk, and classic country. His latest album, Deep In The Heart Of Me, will take you to that perfect Texas dance hall in your mind. I’m adding “Blues On Parade,” and “Rag Top Baby” to rotation. Preview Deep In The Heart of Me by Lee Sims on Amazon.

"Deep in the Heart of Me"

I felt that "Deep In The Heart of Me" was one of the best releases of the year. Hope you are getting some good response to your fine release. Best regards, Len Brown Host" "Country Roots" www.koop.org

The Roots Music Report

Check out the Elite company I am keeping on this chart. http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/charts/view/album/sub_genre/true-country/weekly/2014-05-17/2014-05-17

"Deep In The Heart Of Me"

Howdy Lee........I got the CD today and gave it a listen.....just finished. It's top shelf.....man, the production and your voice are just outstanding! Very well done. I enjoyed every track, but i'm sure you realize there are some tracks that won't fit my format. "The Waltz"....what a beautiful song and such a 'twist'. Wow! 'Texas Girl'.,.... another great swinger, and 'Uncle Joe' kinda hit me hard where it counts. Those, and 'Blues On Parade' are my choice tracks. And I love 'Ragtop Baby".....a little too heavy for my show, but nevertheless, I love it. Great song. It's a great project, Lee. Congratulations. Best regards, Tom

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"Back Trackin" by "Lee Sims and the Platte River Band". After reviewing this CD album of 12 cuts, it's hard for me to express my feelings. Why? Because this is one of the best COUNTRY albums of cover songs to be produced in ages! No, it was not made in Nashville, but recorded, mixed and mastered at FTM Studios in Lakewood, Colorado. Our special thanks to everyone out there who had a hand in this country masterpiece. The vocals and 'pickers' and engineer excellent. Lee Sims true country voice topped it all just right. It's great to know real country music is still alive somewhere.