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Doreen Pinkerton / Blog

What is Love - on our Anniversary

Love is never having to say a word and know you are never alone. Love is knowing you have a friend. Love is unselfish. Love is Kind. Love is forever. there are many kinds of love. there is romantic love. But the best love of all is the Savior's Love, Jesus laid down his life for us. Love keeps no record of wrongs. Love causes us to make choices. Love is give and take. Pure love of Christ is all encompassing, L O V E brings commitment. Love has results- Love brings family togetherness. Love can be there, whether it is received or not, love anyway, in kindness and with no walls. Love is forgiving. Love is simple. Love is sacrifice. Love is rewarding.

Sometimes YOu Gotta Just Lighten Up

Sometimes You've got to Just Lighten Up and Have Some Fun! :) Yep, It is Fun to Lighten Up! (Now that's Profound! ha ha!) Fun in the Sun! I want it! Um, vacation needed soon, preferably somewhere with sun! Summer's Coming! Yahoo!!!

A Call to Worship

There is a need for us to define worship. Worship is paying Homage... it is surrendering our will to the Lord's will. It is giving Him our heart, mind and spirit, emptying ourselves of ourself, to fill ourselves with Himself- the Lord Jesus, letting God fill us with peace, rest, and His never ending Love. He brings to light what is in the darkness, and fills it with his light, when we surrender our will. I think we can realize that worship and praise go together, because when we make room for God, we have to celebrate, because the Joy automatically comes! Praise is a part of Thanksgiving. With thanksgiving comes praise to God. Worship, praise, thanksgiving: Many times, if we switch that around, we can really grow and be blessed- Thanksgiving, Praise.. then we enter the place of worship... and we hear God's voice clearly. :) And, He gives us joy! So we Celebrate! :)




Did I ever tell you all I love to sing the best of all, and play my flute for you? Yes indeed, this is my favorite thing. I love to play guitar and piano, but voice is my passion, and orchestra and band type songs, that bring out the passion in the voice, using indie, pop, rock, pop rock, Christian contemporary, praise and worship, jazz, eclectic, espose, and country/country rock styles. I like an eclectic feel, and use songs that are personal to me, songs for friends and family, and songs for the Christian Arena, Disney- fantasy for kids, and teens, as well as songs for the public in any way- radio, tv or theatre. I hope someday someone uses one for a theme song for a movie, now wouldn't that be dreamy!

Love is....

Love is fearless, Love is relentless, Love is changeless, Love is courageous, love is blameless

Tuesday's tunes

Tuesday's tunes dance in my head. Chandelier song is new, going to produce that one up ahead. Things that draw us together make us one, leaving a legacy, that's what this woman's goal has become! Life's too short to not get along, thanking others along the way makes us strong... stronger, better, friendlier, kind - now that's the kind of person I hope you will find. Give back to others, and you will be blessed, one life we live - let's give it our best! :) - Doreen


Praise the Lord, Jesus Lives!!!!

September schedules

September brings schedules and routine, yet it brings a sense of community and togetherness when we get involved. there is a balance between keeping family our focus in meeting needs, yet balancing our church, community, and nation and missions as part of our God given mandate- to reach out to others. Let's take it to the Lord in prayer as families, and ask Him to lead us in His perfect will.

Summer's Sweetness

Sometimes in the evening when the hot sun turns to cool, the wind is gently blowing, I sit upon a stool. Gazing out the window, the hummingbird does spin- it's tiny wings like propellers, and the birds begin to sing. My husband sits on the porch chair, as evening settles in, We talk of news and politics, get caught up about life again. The sweet smell of the flowers, and the chirping birds all around.. give us a feel of the wonderful world God gave us, and then we settle down. Dinner is eaten at the table, with our daughters there to chat, what a wonderful life He gave us, I wouldn't give any of it back. Through the bad and through the good times, through the valleys and the storms, we remember the mountain top experiences, and from the storms - we made it home. Lessons learned have made us- better than we were before - in wisdom we can offer, in friendships we've restored. The plants they need to be watered, the dogs and cats get fed, we read a book or scan the computer social media, and then it's time for bed. I say my prayers for you now, for the things heavy on your heart- plus I know that God loves and forgives us, let's make everything right in our hearts. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding- in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." This is what the Bible says. Tomorrow is a new day, the sun will shine again, so let's be thankful for each other, let's make right what's wrong, and start again. Let's stop and smell the roses, that are right before our eyes, let's not get too busy to remember- life is fleeting by. I want to thank the Lord above for family and friends, and if you aren't one of mine, there still is time to mend. I never give up hoping, those who don't believe their worth, will remember this girl thought they were worth it, and hope her love for them brought rebirth- of new ideas, of hope, of love- to last a lifetime through- Im not perfect, but I try- to show God's love to you. In the middle of the night sometimes I wake and pray for you, I hope you do the same for me, because this life still isn't through. One day the Lord is coming back to take his children home, a new heaven and earth he will make and it will be our eternal home. Let's not forget to spread God's love with everyone we meet. No one is perfect, no not one, we all struggle here on earth. I try to remember, when I fall and get back up, that life is like that, full of all the lovely things but still, we stumble in the dirt. when I reach the mountain peaks and bask in earths accomplishments, I try to remember I am nothing without the Lord who gave me my strength. it is him who gives us every breath we take upon this earth, I thank you God for all the ones you put along my path. This journey is but just a breath, the grass is still is green, so beautiful it is to me, so fresh, so soft, with softness yet unseen. As I walk the neighborhood, I try to remember, that life is still, life is short, it really is so tender. God grant us all a chance to love while sitting on this earth. I pray for everyone I know, please let them feel their true value and their worth. I love each one I really do, you put in my short life. thank you for the bottom of the heart of this mother and wife. I am a nurse who cares a lot for all my family and friends, I am thankful that this beautiful journey brings hope and health for my friends... as we mingle and we meet here and there, as we celebrate the joys of life, I pray for all my relatives that they might always have long life. I thank you for the animals, that are my family, and for the precious gentle ones who roam about the streets. Help them find love and caring folk to keep them from all harm, God you made us all, and I thank you for that, forever protect us with your loving arm. And hold us close, all through the years, as our children and grandchildren are here.Help us remember to always give you praise-for all the people that we know.