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Kruse In and The P.I.

Two shows in 7 days for The Mad Mad Ones...first at The Kruse, then a week later at The Polack Inn. Wausau needs to wake up...two super rad clubs with great sound systems and killer bands every weekend. We'll be back at both soon...get off your asses and support those clubs!

Rock 'n Roll Royalty

Last Friday night we played a show at The Kruse In in Wausau, opening for Enemy Star from Milwaukee. The bass player for Enemy Star is none other than Dan Kubinski, from Punk/Hardcore groundbreakers Die Kruezen...if you ask Voivod, NIN, Tool, Ministry, etc., who their influences were, they'd say Die Kruezen. What Black Flag is to the world of punk, Die Kruezen is to Hardcore....so how come no one in Wausau knew that Rock 'n Roll royalty was in their midst? Don;t say it's because we didn't try...we contacted the self proclaimed punk rock/music expert in Wausau to try to get some pub for the show. His response? "Have a good show". Seriously? Anyway, the show was killer, both bands rocked, and we got some great stories about the groundbreaking days of hardcore.

Laurium, Michigan

So we play a show in the U.P. with Meantooth Grin, at Mickey's in Laurium. After much effort to get there (a tire blowout on Tom's van), a shitty stage with no power, and a crowd that was pissed because we weren't a "blues band", we gave it our all (and sweated our brains out). Then Meantooth tore the stage apart, and played until bar close. We started about an hour late, due to the tire mishap (if we had started on time, at 9, we would have been playing to 5 people anyway), but both bands still played their full sets. And at the end of the night some fat-ass tried to stiff us. Thankfully Tom handled the situation and both bands were rewarded not only for their effort on the stage, but the ridiculous effort it took to actually get there. HEY BAR OWNERS/MANAGERS...PAY YOUR BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday at The Kruse

So we played a show Friday night at The Kruse In in Wausau...our hometown. Two other killer bands besides us (Dead Modern Villains and Droids Attack) that tore the roof off the place. The only problem? Very few people were there. Many of the city's best musicians came...they appreciated the line-up. But where was everyone else? Starting to become a little disappointed in the music scene in Wausau. If it weren't for The Kruse, Malarkey's, The P.I., and The Stank sticking their asses on the line for original music in this town, there'd be none at all!!