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Cynical Battles Rok the Royal!

Denver, Colorado Hip Hop Artist "Cynical" Battled "Rok the Royal"!!! Much love to the Boostwell Fam again for organizing and pulling off another great night in Denver Hip Hop. October 15th, 2011 at Euphoria in Downtown Denver, SP Double and his camp hosted a Beat Battle with a $500 prize for first place. To further add to the night's entertainment they featured a raw one-on-one freestyle battle between underground MCs "Cynical" and "Rok Royal". The night was dope. Shout out to all the Beat Makers and Producers involved. A quick list of some of the very talented Beat Makers in the Battle: Selko, That Kid, Nice, Chris Haven, Paul Junior, Skimp Killah, Shae Moneybags, DMD, and others. Big Shout out to DMD for taking 1st Place in the Beat Battles and going home with the $500 Prize Money. And the Freestyle Battle was hot. Both MCs put it down and really got raw delivering disses and punchlines in the true classic sense of Lyrical Warfare...No Bullshit, the Battle was sick! It went 3 rounds back and forth, with 90 second rounds. After the intense battle both the crowd and the Judges gave the Win to Cynical. Much props to both Cynical and Rok Royal for going to war, and in the true spirit of Real Hip Hop, both the very talented MCs shook hands, had some drinks, and discussed future collaborations on tracks. All in all, a great night in the Denver Hip Hop Scene. Shout out to Boostwell for hosting it and much love to everyone who came out. And much love to Cynical for holdin it down for Denver and reppin that KOLD REALITY!!!

What's "Kold Reality"???

Kold Reality is a Hardcore Underground Hip Hop crew with roots in graffiti and aspirations to make it big by producing real quality hip hop music and representing Colorado to the fullest.

Last Night's show 04-21-2011

I performed at a local hip hop show at The Oriental Theater last night. The show featured a pretty versatile mix of local talent. Much props and respect to everyone contributing to the Colorado Hip Hop scene. Shout out to all the acts / groups that put it down! Nova/POI, Real Note, MC Anthony, Bank Squad, 3 R.A.N., Phormeta, Cash the Wrestler, Gavin Lee, Kronik In Sanity, Suburban Hoodlums, and there were more I just didnt get everyone's names. Overall, it was a fun night and I met a few people I would be down to collab with in the future. I got some film footage of the night and when I'm done editing it together nicely, I'll post it up on Youtube.

busy in 2011

So far in 2011, I've been in the studio alot. Many of the tracks I've been working on are reaching the final stages of completion and will be featured on albums and mixtapes scheduled for 2011 releases.Ive been trying to get out there and collab with as many Colorado rappers/producers as possible. Also been tryin to get out to as many local hip hop shows as I can to show support for the local hip hop scene. Recently Ive began experimenting with filming video footage. Im working on setting up a Youtube account to post videos of my own hip hop adventures as well as footage of other Colorado MCs I record at local shows. Aside from music, I'm also working on several custom art projects including the cover art for a local magazine that will list all the dispensaries in town and offer coupons and stuff like that. Much props and respect to everyone contributing to the scene! Big ups and shout outs to: Saint Joseph, Ers1, Kold Reality, KRAK Productions, The Real Blezo One Tyme, Dead Poets, TME, Burning Elements, Boostwell, Welt Muzik, Eighth Element, Boss Boys, Suburban Hoodlums, MC Demise, Brain Dead and many many more!

Colorado Where you at?! They say you aint on the map- But we got the best weed on the planet so hows that?!