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New Studio Coming Soon

I've been working on the new studio got the walls textured today. Just have to paint, flooring, and then move in.

Jesse Snell
Jesse Snell  (over 5 years ago)

yeahhh buddy!

Building a New Studio.

I'm so excited to be building my new studio, More room. I can't wait to get it done. I think there gonna be a lot of music coming through soon. peace

Heavy metal mutilated mutants

Hello there, This is Dennis D, Just telling you the next batch of songs will be metal. full on metal. I'm looking to improve all of my skill and metal is the best way to do that. Rock the metal!

Life is changing for Dennis D

So ya'll if anyone reads this and they're interested. I've just gotten engaged to my long time love Heather, and we are haveing a baby. We are super stoked. I'm still churning away in the stduio. I usually get more time in the winter to work on my music. I have trouble sitting still long enough in the summer. anyway peacey weacy.

to the world

Check it yall im just doing my thing making music. always looking for people to funk with if ya dig me come check me.