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A Treat for Raleigh Fans

(Martyn) Yes, we're playing 3 shows in Raleigh over the next several weeks, and you'll want to catch them all. You'll experience a different side of the band at each one!

We start off at the MusicSPARK show at White Collar Crime this Saturday evening, closing out the show in conjunction with Raleigh's SPARKcon Arts Festival. We'll be playing from when Crystal Bright finishes until the venue closes, so you'll experience the full sonic experience of our favourite set length -- as long as we can make it!

The following Tuesday, the 18th, we're joining with our friends Hetty at the Pour House. After Rabies Clinic opens the show, we'll be on for an hour of your favourites. Then, once Hetty is done with their set, we'll join them back on stage to form jam-rock supergroup Face Melters. Expect energetic improvisational rock like you've never heard it before (unless you were at our last Cookout, where we jammed the night away with them)!

Then we're into October, where on Tuesday 2nd we're back at The Pour House for the very first of Uncle John's "Three bands, three bucks". The Shakedown Street regulars will be there, and we're honoured to hold up the pride of the Triangle by being selected to play at the very first of this new series of events. For this one we have planned a showcase of our latest material, a chance to see what we've been working on in advance of our next album.

Don't worry, the rest of the Triangle will see us soon, but remember it's not that far to come from Chapel Hill, Durham, or even further afield. You don't want to miss your dose of the Gonzo Experience!

Spring...er...Summer Cleaning!

(Ben) In true procrastinator form, the yearly update of the bands online presence is underway. Stay tuned for new content!

Sometimes the best practice is a mellow practice

(Martyn) With us playing in Greensboro tomorrow, and two shows at opposite ends of the Triangle next weekend, you might think tonight's practice would be intense. On the contrary -- we know the songs, we play them well, and tonight was all about kicking back, relaxing, and getting in the right mindset for playing our music for you all. So while we still hit most of the songs you know, we also set off on a whole bunch of jams including one great 20-minute piece that set the whole scene for the evening. We just played what we wanted to play, kept it all fresh and fun, and are all set for taking our music to you in the next couple of weeks. Sometime you just have to remind yourself what it's all about -- the music, and sharing that music with everyone you can. I hope that "everyone" includes you. See you around!

Another Beltane Boogie Video!

Lewis Hilbert (Lewish.net) has produced another great video from our Beltane Boogie set, this time getting all psychedelic with us during The Senator.

(Martyn) I have a good time grooving with this number. It's all about the synth filters for me on this one. I'm actually playing the filter resonance on the Z1 rather than the keys as such, and running resonance high on the GAIA too. I love that little GAIA, it's a great instrument -- the patch I put together on it for The Senator wouldn't have been possible before without using a true modular synth.

It just seemed like a Dandelion Pie kind of song


"It's 1971. You're in a smoky pub in Ladbroke Grove, London. Only a few fans are here yet, but the band has arrived early. They set down their pints and pick up the instruments, and set off in an exploratory jam. This is what British music, the Canterbury Scene, is all about.

Well, not exactly. It's Easter weekend in 2011 at the Gonzo Studio in North Carolina, USA, but the rest is pretty close. We had just set the levels and started playing. When we do that we never know where the music will take us. This is where we went today."

We got together over Easter weekend for a practice session, and as often happens we just clicked into a groove and this piece came out. I was definitely pulled by my roots for this one -- the organ, the Minimoog, just coming together in a very British style jam. The name, Dandelion Pie, came to me channelling those British roots.

More songs to be uploaded soon!

With Dylan in Vienna, the rest of us are working on behind the scenes activities: setting up a new multitrack recording system, enhancements to the Gonzo Studio, songwriting, working on new instrumentation... and also going through some of our older recordings. You can expect some new songs to be uploaded soon!

Set list from the Beltane Boogie

The Gitan, Overwhelming Silence, Wolves at Night (cover), End of Time, God Only Knows, The Senator, Critical Numbers, Adam Kadmon, and closing with The Famous Almost.