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It's A New Year

So it's a new year to try more things than I have never tried before. I'm challenging myself and others to "follow through" there are no resolutions just "follow through". I appreciate everyone following along and watching for us to play. I plan on doing a lot more playing out and hopefully we will see you all there.

Three Trumpets

So I am embarking on an amazing journey with two of the finest young trumpeters on the scene today in Chicago. Marquis Hill, Shaun Johnson and myself we playing a three trumpet line up every Monday night at Andy's Jazz Club starting at 9pm. Three sets of three totally different sounds and ideas happening. One album that came up was Three Trumpets with Donald Byrd, Art Farmer and Idrees Sulieman from Prestige. I have to be honest, I had not heard of that album until this project came to mind. I was taken back at first, I mean when people think three trumpet players on stage playing...it's like "man there's a lot of ego". I actually embraced this journey and challenge to come up with something musical and fun for not just the audience but for us as well. If you are in Chicago come over to Andy's and sit a spell and listen to this dynamic group of musicians. This is something that has not been seen in the city of Chicago on a consistent basis. Let's take a journey together.

The Latest

So the journey is never over until the TRUE transition happens. I don't forsee that happening any time soon so I keep plugging at it. The school year starts soon for me at Chicago Jesuit Academy as the Musical Director (my fourth year in) and we have some promising young brothers coming up who will learn more at their craft. I will also be playing every Monday night at Andy's Jazz Club in September and October with Marquis Hill and Shaun Johnson on a three trumpet lineup. I am currently recording more tracks for the album to be debut next year. And finally I will be back at DePaul University pursuing my Masters in Jazz Studies. Life is full of surprises and I once again thank all of those who continue to support me and my journey in Life.

Warmest Regard to you all

UPdate For THose WHo Are Aware

For those who have joined me on my quest thank you so much for tagging along. For those who have been here from the start and continue to hang in there thank you. Just dropping an update on life and what's been going on. I recently got signed with Cannonball Trumpets to represent their trumpet line this past year. I also am working with some great musicians to finish up my first album. I'm looking forward to getting this out there. I've also made a bold decision to head back to school to get my Master's Degree from DePaul University. It's going to be a busy couple of years. I'm playing gigs with the Chicago Yestet and recording with Guy King on his next album. Things are moving and I'm just trying to keep up. Stay true and focused and honest about all things.

Make it Happen

Truth in Life

I've always believed in the fact and observation that life is to be taken slow and steady. It is proven to me everyday when I finally slow down and just sit and look at all of the opportunities I have been blessed to witness. Music has been apart of me for a very long time...longer than I can remember to be honest. Without it I would not be the man I am today, I would not touch the lives around me and I wouldn't be in sync with the world as I see it. I look forward to more and more opportunities, challenges and experiences to help me express myself through sounds and music of all genres. Keep searching for truth and always be honest with yourself.