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What the fuck is up world. Time is almost here... Death & Romance has already sent in for our first album to be pressed and we're looking to have it real soon! CD release show is still being plotted, we'll let you know all the dirty details when it's figured out.. We got our album version of Self Destruct available for free streaming and/or $1 download until then! Last Friday night was killer! All of you who came out know what I'm talking about. We threw a local show in West Union, IA (talk about fuckin boonies), and we had plenty of people come out to support. We came out ahead, so we should be back! Fog, staging, bruised limbs, lights, risers, fuckkk....Killer. Thanks everyone for makin this happen. Let's get some more fans! We need to blow this shit up!! Promo: facebook likes, twitter followers, email sign up, post a question on reverbnation. Let's go! -Christ LaViene


We want to thank everyone for taking the time to check out Death & Romance. We are looking to overhaul the local music scene and bring rock n' roll back to life with a mix of fresh music and energetic, chaotic live performances. We can't do it without our fans. I want to encourage everyone to continue the support; tell your friends, like/share/comment on facebook, come to shows, purchase the single ("Self Destruct" available for $1 on home page). These kind of things are going to help us out ALOT. We got a lot of suprises coming your way. Feel free to contact the band at deathandromance@hotmail.com for any booking. It has to start somewhere. We are here now. The more you give, the more you will get from Death & Romance. Let's do this guys!!