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Sincerely Yours

Hey guys, I just uploaded the Study Music Project track, "Sincerely Yours." It is off of the new album, "Study Music Project 3: All-Nighter." Now available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

More recent news, I've just graduated from medical school! Thank the Lord! I will be practicing as a resident physician starting July. Thank you all for supporting me through my medical school career, and hope to bring you more tracks in the future.


Waltz Into Love added to the playlist

Waltz into Love is now in the app playlist! Hope you all enjoy this.

If you guys like the Study Music Project, the most helpful support I can ask for you guys is to share it with a friend. Thank you so much for your support! I am very grateful! -Dennis Kuo

Waltz into Love

I released a new video on YouTube recently in light of Valentine's Day. Check it out!


Coffee Music Playlist

I've just released a new playlist on YouTube. This is a compilation of my upbeat music, which I call the "Coffee Music Playlist."

It is best used for: -Finishing busy work that you really don't want to do -Working on homework -Being played in the background during your office hours (if you are working in the office now) -Relaxing as you slowly drink that coffee -Fighting procrastination -Writing essays, reports, thesis, dissertations -Creative writing

Please check out my youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/studymusicproject

Hello world.

Hey everyone. Thanks for listening to my music! I hope that this project will help you accomplish all the goals that you have in mind. All the songs that you hear on the Study Music Project are all original music composed, performed, and produced by me. Please subscribe to my youtube channel to keep up with my new future music productions.

-Dennis Kuo