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Workin Hard

Well its been a while since i've made one of these things lol. i have been working crazy hard on my pages, shaping them out, making ends meet, publishing an artist page, my beautiful woman has been creating dope logos and cover letters, and i'm working more and more on new tracks and slowly putting together a mixtape for all my fans. free of charge both hard copies and internet copies. so from here on all my fans will receive one if they please and ask of course. Extremely proud to be where i am today. sitting at the position on these charts in winnipeg (#16) and in only one week i've collected 106 facebook likes. pretty good if you ask me lol. well everyone thank you very much for your support and i hope you guys enjoy whatever i bring to the table this year. i hope you guys are as excited as i am lol. Good night everyone!


Been workin hard on new beats and samples these days with fruity loops, me and my accomplice D$teps are currently working on a track called Asshole lol Some harsh lines but all in good fun lol Please follow me on FB/Youtube under Beat$teps and at twitter at @BeatSteps