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Little Darlin' You Tube from the Go Go 17th Anniversary party

Thanks to Manda Rose for posting this - it was a little freaky playing up in the hay loft - I really like the balloons and also the conversation you can hear between a mom and child towards the end....

(looks like you have to copy n paste the link cause if you just click on it you get to manda's youtube page)


Hip Swayers Sampler Video!

David Niles very kindly posted this to his You Tube Channel - as he writes: A sample from The Hips Swayers, Dave Blodgett and Toni Ostrow at The Blue Plate on May 21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sdBPMaKZ18 I particularly like the part where my finger enters the frame and stays there. Nicely done. :-) Thanks Dave!