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Wow, it all came together at the Real School of Music in Burlington. With the help of Scott Matalon and his man Jake from Metropolitan Pictures http://metropolitanzone.com/ we shot over 5 hours of sick video. Now to the editing suite! A special thanks out to my good friend Dave (Dogboy) Thibodeau who not only lent me 2 lighting trees and 2 strobes, he brought them and ran them! As if that wasn't enough, he brought a bunch of cool threads and ended up dressing half the band!! Everyone worked real hard all day with no lunch breaks. Great job guys!! Thanks!!

Focaccia 5/6

Lots of fun last night! Despite the technical difficulties getting started, The crowd was fab and the boys in the band nailed it. Good time!

Last night at the Rhumb Line

Sick show! The Boys were spot on! Ripped it up! My ears are still ringing! A big thank you out to Dave Sag for loaning me his bass cab, It kicked ass!

Welcome back DM!

A big welcome back to DM. Back from a visit to the U.K.. Can't wait to hit the stage tomorrow night at the Rhumb Line!