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Ok, so the title has nothing to do with this blog. We just wanted to give you the skinny on what's shakin in the world of Freak. We have hooked up with a couple of bands that are good peeps to be around and fun to jam with. TWENTYSIX PIECES is a newly formed original band with an old school feel. You can check them out on reverb nation as well as facebook. I'm sure you will see these guys soon as they are playing out as often as their schedules allow them to. SHADES OF BURN is a female fronted original act that will knock your knickers down to your ankles with their in your face hard rocking sounds. We will be performing with these two bands on September 30th at the Basement in Kingston NY. It worth the price of admission (if there is any) ...peace out

Something old while something new.

Since the departure of the original bass player, things have been moving slow in searching for his replacement. The band has held numerous auditions and they are pleased to announce the new bass player is an old friend to Brian. Dave Diaz has passion, drive, and is anxious to slide into his role and getting out on the stage with Freakswitch having a great time in the process.