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Erika May and Friends, Randy Bahr, Paul DeMarinis & Willem von Hombracht

On Sept 28th, from 8-11pm @ Robbie's House of Jazz, Flutist/Singer Erika May Randolph is returning to St. Louis, and reuniting with old friends: guitarist Randy Bahr, saxophonist Paul DeMarinis & bassist Willem von Hombracht. With a special guest . . . Farshid Soltanshahi. She'll be presenting her CD "the Cat in the Hat" at Robbie's House of Jazz in Webster Groves. for info, call Willem vH: 314-776-4213, or Erika May: 575-519-2413.


New Uploads!

Today you can download a song, either A Scene in Your Show or Sway. A Scene in Your Show is an original by me and Sway is a sturdy jazz standard! enjoy ~ erika may

New Jazz Recording

It has been a wonderful journey making a jazz cd with incredible friends of mine from St. Louis. Dave Black, Willem von Hombracht, Paul DiMarinis, and I got together early to mid August and grooved a cd-full of swinging jazz standards and a few of my original songs at EARS - Billy Engels recording studio in Fenton, Mo.

Billy not only expertly turned knobs and called out encouragements to us, he added some mighty tasty licks on a couple numbers, actually, on my songs, to be exact.

I am so eagerly waiting for the master set to arrive in the mail, then it is off to duplication land and to you!! I will post some on Reverbnation as soon as they get here!

Peace and Love! erika may

what a plethora of wonderful musicians on Reverbnation!

I'm amazed, overwhelmed, exited, and generally uplifted to see so many talented and dedicated musicians on this site. it has been an absolute pleasure listening to as many cuts as I can in a day - this is where the overwhelm comes in, I don't want to stop listening from page to page.

Busy weekend

tomorrow is both the University Choir concert that I will direct, but I'm also supposed to be hosting the music at Javalina Coffee Shop. somehow I will do both!

Saturday I will also be hosting the music at Javalina's. I love connecting with the listeners and other musicians who come to play. This is such a valuable way to build community.