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Dig Deep

If you really wanna know what FrogMouth is all about you gotta check out more than one song .


Gonna get set up to start recording some new stuff in the studio this week! Really looking forward to showing off our new old sound. This will be the first recording with the new members of the band. I'm PUMPED!!!


Don't do the blog thing on a regular basis. Not sure any one pays attention anyways. But here goes. We been trying to stay busy. I had neck surgery and that slowed us down. Managed to get in a Halloween gig and then Ernie (our drummer) had foot surgery. That slowed us down a bit and the holidays took up some time. Looking forward to the new year. We plan on getting in the studio and recording some new stuff we been jammin. Maybe another Battle of the Bands in Saint Paul. All in all I think we have a lot of good stuff to look forward to. And as for 2013, I say, BRING IT ON !!

New Fans

I am finding that a lot of people fan you on ReverbNation that don't take the time to listen to your music. While we do appreciate getting new fans we would just as soon that if you do it just to get fanned back and don't really care about the music that you would not fan us in the first place.

Working Hard

Currently we are working hard in rehearsals to get ready to do some live shows. We are making some progress and it shouldn't be to long.

New Song

Finally in the process of mixing down a new song, should be done soon!

Another Page

Well, the new year is promising some good things for FrogMouth. Hopefully the trend will continue!

Merry Christmas

Frogmouth us wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


Frogmouth has it's first rehearsal to prepare for live performing in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally recovering ROM from my shoulder surgery. Get to try out my arm at Dawns Corner Bar in Dundas for Halloween gig with my former band WhiskerFish. Looking forward to it !!