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Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas to Everyone.... from Billy G. and Laurie Lace

Billy G. Benson Now plays DW Drums

Billy G. Benson Now plays DW drums. "The Drummer's Choice".


Thanks for your support!!

Billy G.

Billy G. Benson NOW endorsed by Soul Tone Cymbals

Tonight has to be one the most incredible musical days of my life. I've waited a life time for this. Guess who's now endorsed by SOULTONE Cymbals? This is just a dream come true. To have a letter from Soul Tone sent to me and all of what was in it. Thank you Jesus .....My signature on my own line of Cymbals...whoa, have my signature on Soul Tone Shirts. Wow thats just amazing. Thanks to all that ever believe in me and my drumming. Thanks Mom for letting me practice my drums. Thanks Dad for letting me hit on your nice bar stools when I was a kid. Thanks Laurie Lace for letting me be your drummer and Thank you FB Friends and Fans for supporting me!

Thank you to all my friends and fan

Thanks everyone for listing to my music,,and getting me to #19 on the Dallas Country Music Charts on reverb nation.

Thanks fans and Reverb Nation #21 for Dallas Country Charts

Thank you friends and fans for your support. Being #21 on Reverb Nation in Dallas is really incredible! WOW! I now have been in the top 25 in 3 major cities for country music. Chicago, Nashville and now DFW my Home! This is a dream come true to have LOBO beer as a sponsor and being #21 on the Reverb Nation Dallas Country Chart. Charts....WOW! Everyone thats helped me out you are a really true friend and thank you big time !

Thank you to all 9,000 fans I have now

Thank you all for your support.

Billy G. Benson

Thanks Reverb Nation

Thanks For letting fans buy me a promoting certificate for x-mass . You guys are awesome...Reverb Nation is the best web site on line!!

who's playing on the I Ain't Chang'in for Noth'in song?

Smiley Roberts - Steel Guitar Denis Payne - Lead guitar Mike Chapman - Bass Richard Bailey- Banjo Billy G. Benson - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar William G. Benson - Drums Skip Mitchell on the mixing board

Thank you

Thank you to all that made it out to the Berry Stained show on Saturday it was a blast. Smiley Roberts was incredible on the dobro.