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focused on truth

Trying hard to stay grounded. I'm so busy these days, I'm acting mostly on instinct and good faith. There is so much to feel thankful for, it humbles me on a regular basis.

Life is like that..

Just when I thought things were going to slow down and i could have a genuine writer's hiatus...things started moving on their own accord. Now I'm being challenged more than ever to hone my craft and become a better singer and a better performer. I love it!

On The Road

i guess going an hour away from home isn't really a road trip, but we were kindly put up by the hotel, so might as well make a weekend of it right? two shows at the executive hotel in beautiful harrison hot springs was a great time had by all...and my kids were soooo well behaved..they got chocolate....


after sharing a musical track with brian newcombe, i can't really say what's in store for me now. seems that i've already accomplished more than i ever expected to achieve. having a festival coming up is definitely something to look forward to. hopefully the weather holds out, and the sun shines on the grounds for a beautiful sunday afternoon in rainy vancouver BC. now let's get out there and make friends through music!!


great fun last night at the billy miner pub. love sitting in with various house bands and players for fun once in a while. don't have to dress up, don't have to worry about hauling gear, just show up and sing. can't remember who was on bass and drum :( my total bad...but chris rolin on guitar was great as usual...i haven't played with chris in a long time, and god forbid muddy waters is rolling over in his grave because of that country twist he put on mojo! anyway, that's why crashing jams with my main man steve ranta on keys every now and then is a blast. you can always make a departure from the norm. take care! wendy biscuit