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College Life

I'm performing in the Musical "How To Succeed In Business, Without Really Trying" on Sept. 20-27th in Hollywood, CA at the Silverman Theater. I'm in the ensemble, and I'm so excited!

I'm in a Music Video

Check out my acting skills in my friend Laci Kay's new music video called "Runnin' Free." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOKYc0bizC4

Writing & College Life

Hey it's been a busy year at college. I've had a blast in NYC, but it's time to head home to L.A. next week. I'm looking forward to working and will be in the studio getting some new songs recorded this summer. I can't wait! Stay Tuned!

Ariana Sloan News

I'm so exited to finally graduate High School next week, and I will be going to a Performing Arts College in the fall. New songs are being written, and I should have them out by the end of summer. Blessings to you all! ~Ariana

I play Nadia on Comedy Bang! Bang!

I just wrapped filming Comedy Bang! Bang! where I play "Nadia" along side Scott Aukerman, Ellie Kemper, and The National (Band) in Season 3, Episode 11 on the IFC channel. http://www.ifc.com/schedule

Stay tuned!

Hi Everyone, I have been busy working on a few acting projects. Hopefully my new video will be done soon, and I am planning on releasing "We Look Good In Pictures in May 2014!" Thank you for you continued support and friendship, I appreciate you all! xo

New Songs & Video

Hi Everyone, I have finished two new single pop songs. I will be filming a video and getting them out to you very soon. Stay Tuned and Like my @Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/arianasloanmusic & on @Twitter @ArianaSloan. Thank you all so much for being such great friends and fans! I appreciate you all!

Video-Ariana Sloan

Check out some of my video's on http://www.youtube.com/ArianaSloan

Download my EP Now on iTunes & Amazon and more!

Click on the link and find my EP on sale now http://www.arianasloan.com

Ariana Sloan 3.5 out of 4 stars IAE Magazine.

http://www.iaemagazine.com/music/2011/072011/ariana-sloan.html Ariana Sloan is the future of Pop-Rock music and the 14-year-old is on her way to superstardom if she keeps at it. This girl can sing and she's by far one of the most talented young singers I've heard this year. Her debut album, "Day One", is a great representation of her maturity and individuality.

To start, Ariana opens up her new album with "Everything's Gonna Change" which could easily be in the Top 10 on Disney Radio. This song would appeal to anyone who likes Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Her voice sounds very mature on this song and the music is well produced. Nicely done Ariana Sloan!

Another very cool song is the title track of the album, "Day One". On this one, Ariana's voice shines. The high energy music production will make you feel like dancing. This song is really positive and is definitely a song that cold be labeled a summer anthem.

You have to hear "In Hollywood" because it's another Top 10 hit for Disney Radio. This song needs to be on a movie or something. Ariana sings her heart out, and anybody who's trying to make in it in Hollywood will really enjoy this song.

Ariana Sloan is ready to take her place in the spotlight, and I think she's well groomed. She's definitely a fan favorite waiting to happen and I believe she will grow into a superstar some day with the right guidance.

MUSICAL GOAL: "My goals are to continue to create music for a broad audience, perform for a large audience, use my music to help people raise money for charity, and to ultimately win a Grammy Award." – Ariana Sloan

Review by: Senseitional