DEVITALIZED | New band with VULVECTOMY members!! Join it!!

The project taken form in October 2010 by myself Mario Di Giambattista (also in Vulvectomy [Sevared Rec.] & Coprophiliac [Despise The Sun Rec.]) as a one man band brutality. Always surrounded by people who don't share my same passion for extreme underground brutal music, I decided to create my own one man band and will remain so forever. My great passion for Texas death metal sound bring me to compose first songs on Viral Load, Disfigured, Grotesque Formation's style with a mixing of fast blastbeats riffing, sick slams and insane vocals! At the end of March 2011 I take a deal with the big Brian of Ossuasy Industries (Prolicide, Scattered Remains, Ingurgitate, Images Of Violence and more) to release and promote my first album and in April 2011 DEVITALIZED officially join the OSSUARY INDUSTRIES roster!!! Glad with the new deal with O.I. I'm working hard for the songs of the first album who will be out in 2012!! Support Italian brutality and prepare yourself for the butchery!!