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I wanna thank everybody for showing so much support over the years.. This company has been through a lot just to get where we are now, and we are still striving to make this city a part of any conversation that any big named artist in any city will know about. I work hard eveyday to make sure that my family is well taken care of and to be in the position to make a power decision if i have to. As you prob already know I am working on dropping my second project as a solo artist entitled #Soph-More. This one is going to be even better than #Fresh-Man and pack a stronger punch. I am on a mission to get my sound quality up to par with any artist in the industry.. still have a ways to go but with your help theres a way!!! For booking contact SNMGbeats@gmail.com Fan, Follow, and Subscribe to all of my links to stay informed on a SNMGbeats and Famous C4stro events www.reverbnation.com/famousc4stro www.youtube.com/famousc4stro www.snmgbeatsllc.com www.snmgbeats.bandcamp.com www.soundcloud.com/famousc4stro twitter, fb, and ig: @famousc4stro #HSU

making it happen!!!!

a lot of people say they tryna make it happen but dont really want to make anything happen. In order to get something happening in your life you have to grind and do something to make your self better. You cant just sit on your ass and wonder why nothings coming your way. if you get out there and network and talk to people, try to make some phone calls thats when it will have a possibility to happen!! #stro #snmgbeats #hsu

get ready!!!

its been a crazy year so far...and its only the beginning. We need all the supporters to go like www.facebook.com/snmgbeats to show your support for the team...#hsu