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Show on Friday

We worked out the setlist for Friday. We're going to cover some songs and play a few of our golden oldies, then melt your face with our new album in its entirety. Can't friggin' wait to see you all there!

This is Our New Blog!

My name is Jeri, and I am one of the women who play guitar and sing in The Type. I've decided to start blogging to alieviate boredom at work and also to keep in line with the pulse of our fan community.

Lets see...well, for starters, I am totally jazzed about the new album. We should have our mitts on it sometime early next week. But you can't have it until Friday, September 30th. Why? Because I'm a bitch, that's why :) On Friday the 30th we're going to release "Sirens and Storms" to the public with a kick-fucking-ass rock and roll show at The Inferno in Madison, WI. We've got 3 other bands rounding out the bill--Femme Fatale from Middleton, Resist Her Transistor from Milwaukee and The Dumb Downs from somewhere around here (Beloit? Rockford? Madison?). I'm not exaggerating when I say it's going to be an amazing show.

If you live somewhere that isn't within driving distance, the album will be available through CD Baby and iTunes and Spotify and iHeart Radio.

Until then, my pretties...adieu!