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Origins of World Of Lies:

Playing in bands in the early to late 90's (No Comply, Scenes From The Struggle & Eulogy), my guitar skills grew from playing punk rock, to crust, to death metal. When Eulogy ended (2001) I wanted to continue to challenge myself with more metal. Eulogy was a Death Metal band who also could be considered Gore Metal or Gore Grind.

I did Eulogy for 4 years straight, figured why not take a stab at some different genres of metal. At the time I was listening to a lot of melodic death metal, grind and thrash. So I decided to try to blend these 3 genre's into one.

I took the influences I already had from my previous experience. Carcass, Lock Up, Napalm Death, Kreator, Slayer & At The Gates were some of the bands to influence this new metal I was to create.

Vocally I thought it would be cool to do the opposite of what Eulogy did vocals wise. In the end of the Eulogy days, 85%-90% of the vocals were low guttural style. With 10%-15% highs.

Vocally it was certain band singers who influenced me to do the highs I do in World Of Lies. The main vocal influences were, Blaine from the Accused, Millie from Kreator, Peter from Lock Up, Tomas from At The Gates/ Lock Up, Jeff from Carcass & Angela from Arch Enemy (Wages Of Sin era only).

The lyrics also were to be different than Eulogy, more political and social. More similar to Napalm Death or other grind/ hardcore punk bands.

With the focus set, I reached out to one of the few drummers in my city who could fulfill my vision at that point in time. I reached out to the 2nd Eulogy drummer. He had quit Eulogy stating he didn't want to play death metal anymore. I figured asking was worth a shot considering this was to be a lot different than Eulogy was. I broke all of this down to him and he agreed to play. Practices began shortly after.

Our band name was chosen from an At The Gates song World Of Lies. The term/ name World Of Lies was also used in song Snakes Of Christ by Danzig off the 2nd album Lucifuge. It seemed like a perfect name for this band to use considering what the lyrical aim of the band was going to be.

3/6/2013 Tony Avila/ World Of Lies