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The Future, The Past...

Friends and Fans, we at Three-Eared Dog would like to thank you for you patience and support over the past year as we have experimented with our membership, genre, and overall sound. We're happy to say that we're finally back to the blues (and rockabilly, rock'n'roll, etc.) and when you catch a Three-Eared Dog show, you can look forward to a set of the OG material that you know and love (bolo ties and all). If you like the new stuff, check out Shakewell, a project that we are all playing with. Also, show some love to our horn section the Big Hornz who are now playing with other bands around town as well as us. This Friday, we're playing at Free Cycles and we hope to see you there. Boogie Woogie!

Montana's Freshest Blues Band

Dear Fans, We've decided that we want to tour Europe. Since we're unsigned and unknown outside the borders of this great state of Montana, this might be a challenge, but we have a plan: we're simply going to become famous enough to tour Europe. After all, it worked for Albert King. We're well aware that our biggest asset is our wonderfully supportive fan base, and we'd like to invite all 10,001 of you to not only attend our shows, but follow us of Facebook, reverbnation, and seniorpeoplemeet.com and come along in our quest to bring Montana's brand of the blues to the Old World.