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October 2011

A lot has been going on and not necessary in a good direction... but now that summer distractions are coming to an end, the band has gotten together some ideas to end the year with a bang....

Stay tuned for a special concert in October and the ever elusive debut album. Feel free to find out singer, Steve, and yell at him for slacking all this time.

Now we'll also be updating our media more often as well... has any one seen our new shirts yet?

New Demos/Album Progress/Ideas

I just put out a new demo "The Girl With the Pelican Key Chain". I still have a lot I want to do with the song but I convinced myself I had enough done for a "demo". After putting a lot of hard work into both "the girl with the pelican key chain" and "all my friends are dead" the album is coming along smoothly. I wish I had already handed the tracks off to dave for drums already but sadly I'm hung up on perfecting guitars... I may choose to do Vocals at our make-shift home studio as well.

Needless to say the album is still coming along and I'm sure I speak for us all when I say I'm very excited. Keep an ear out for Sw/R's debut "Greatest hits Volume 2". More news later.

In the mean time some ideas have been floating around about touring and shows. I'm always trying to make swr concerts unique and exciting. So far we're toying with "the interactive concert" and the "virtual concert". I don't wanna give too much away but "the virtual concert" is an almost definate... and it's gonna be awesome!

Hope you enjoy the new stuff!

~Steve of sw/r

Greatest Hits Vol 2

As the swr album grows farther into completion (yes its been 6 years) we've been throwing around some ideas as to what it's supposed to be. The following are the songs the album will have (in no order) as of this moment in time. 1.) Something About An Aeroplan Pilot 2.) I bought three tickets to the cure at the low low price of $34.95 unbeknownst to me they are a traveling rock band and although I had three hours of drunken fun, I am unridden of this terminal illness and someday I will die 3.) Dumpster Baby 4.) Teens At Higher Risk 5.) It's Not A Cage If It Has Ribbons 6.) The Helicopter That was Afraid To Fly 7.) All My Friends Are Dead 8.) The Girl With The Pelican Key-Chain Already about 65% complete! Love, Steve of sW/r