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Album Update

Well everybody, the album foundation has been completely laid out. Our session on Saturday went very smoothly, and we cranked five more songs out! We're hoping to get another song up on the site as soon as later today or tomorrow. Also, next week we'll have an overdubbing session with guitarist Spencer Waasdorp, and Trumpeter Ryan Hobart. After that the only things left on our album to-do list are mixing and mastering. Hopefully we'll have the album finished and ready to be processed by the second week in May. Thanks again for the support, and hopefully we'll have some gigs to let y'all know about very soon! -The Michael Vadala Trio

Getting Started

Well I want to start off my first blog entry by giving a thanks to everyone who has helped in the process of making our album. (Engineer/Drummer - Jamie Greene, Bassist - Jameson Dunham, Tech guy Seth Sullivan, Trumpeter - Ryan Hobart, and Guitarist - Spencer Waasdorp. Now that that's out of the way, I just wanted to also thank all our fans for the recent support in the past couple months. We're currently working on booking shows that you can all come to; unfortunately however, our only current bookings are for private shows. Just to keep you all updated on the album, our next session is going to be tomorrow where we plan on recording six new songs! Hopefully we can get those mixed and out to the public ASAP. The album looks to be out in mid to late May of this year, so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks again for all your love and support, -The Michael Vadala Trio