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Out to Sea!

Finally I can cross this off my bucket list. I will be playing on the Bahamas Celebration Cruise from July 3rd Until August 6th. I am looking forward to getting some sea legs and enjoying the great sea air! "Come along if you dare."

Been a while

Seems like it has been forever since my last blog. I have had a lot going on both in my personal and professional life. The garden is growing in my backyard and yielding a lot of fruit. Seems like it is a mirror image of my professional life as well. Many gigs and new fans every day. My latest band "White Flag" has been one of the best business decisions I think I have ever made. If you haven't see the show please try to come out and say hello. I also would love to give each and everyone who comes to my show a free download of my latest CD "Believe" Thank you for all your support and love! If you can take a moment please go to this link ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dawn-Maracle-Entertainer/149256588459083?ref=hl )at FB and like my Entertainer page. God Bless!! Dawn Maracle


Wanted to share a couple of things with everyone. So much has been going on all at once it is hard to separate them sometimes. Here goes; this is one emailing I received and it has happened more than once over the past month. What a cool surprise! Hi Dawn Maracle! Congratulations, Your song(s) currently in Top 10 N1M Charts:

* "Pressure" is #1 for Rock in United States, Texas http://www.numberonemusic.com/charts/?chartgenre=55&chartcountry=225&chartstate=44#1

Also much to my surprise I ran across this little gem: http://rockthecut.supercuts.com/Home/ViewAllArtists?page=8

Last and certainly not least is this beautiful group of people on FB who posted a response to my post that I shared. I was posting a comment from a San Antonio Radio show host and it goes like this; Dawn:Thank you Ed Ocampo Sr. for this wonderful comment on Google. Yesterday 3:05 PM

ED: I absolutely LOVE Dawn Maracle. Her spirit in music rivals a great performer in ELVIS. She never stops gig'in and rocks your world when she does. A friend to SA MUSICIANS TALK SHOW NETWORK- Ed Ocampo Sr - host and originator Ed Ocampo Sr: And I'll say it again.....You rock big time baby! You out there Larry Trub ?? can I get an amen? Dawn Maracle : Smiles Ed Ocampo Sr: I believe in you ! And My buddy C7...aka Casey Windham ! Coleen Nelson: I hear ya, bro! Can I Get a Witness! Yeah! She's some kind of Wonderful! Love ya, Dawn and your shapely hips, ahh ha~ honey lay off of my shoe's, and don't you, Step on my "Blue Suede Shoes"... ah thank ya, thank ya very much...Ed and your right on! ~ Words for my sweet friend/sister/ and Co~conspirator! hahah! Dawn Maracle, you Rock, Baby Girl! I'm not Larry, but my brother is, an Amen Larry Trub: Amen Bro, that was a great show with Dawn Maracle and I. Atx Pearl: Dawn is amazing and should be on everyone's to hear and watch list! Much respect and love to you!

All I can say is wow,wow, and wow! I am truly blessed! May God abundantly bless all of you! Now if you have a chance to take a moment please go to this link http://www.austinchronicle.com/feedback/musicpoll/13/ and either Put in Dawn Maracle or Dawn Maracle Y Dos Lopez (band) in the appropriate nomination boxes! Thank you so much for your love and support. XOXOXO

Radio Show

February 4th 7PM Dawn Maracle Radio Show Taping In The Music Room Studio & Listening Room 3103 SANGER CREEK WAY WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS USA What a great opportunity! Looks like there are thousands of listeners to this wonderful show! My humble thanks to Helen Kennedy & Randy Tredway for asking me to perform on the show. Check out this site at http://www.inthemusicroom.com/


Well the record company tells me Believe should be released soon. Looking for it to possibly fall on my Birthday (June 1st) will keep you posted. In the meantime it is now streaming and pre-release copies can be purchased at my live shows. always Believe! :)

Getting closer to Believe

"Believe" my new album is finally mastered. Michael Putrino is the mastering magician. About to release some pre-sale CD's online for those who just can't wait. Will keep you posted as to the availability and how you can get yours for free. Peace, love and music!

Latest news

We just finished a rockin' weekend in Texas. Texas bar and grill, Deli Werks in Lago vista and Antone's downtown Austin! Big hugs and Thank you's to all our supporters! Watch for my post on facebook about the Dallas X-Factor auditions last week. Peace! Dawn Maracle