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Music Never Dies

I love the fact that music never dies. It is not dated...it can live on forever no matter when recorded. The mere fact that over 15 years ago I recorded my album yet can still sing it like it was yesterday....is proof that music, singing, and performing never dies. Yeah, yeah, well the hair color definatly goes away over the years...suddenly being a light brunette turns to blonde (when you didn't even have anything to do with that) but still music can keep us young!!!! And it does because we all have the love for music. It calms us when we need calming, it uplifts us when we need uplifting....and it can also bring us down when we are sad. Which brings the question to mind....."Why do we torture ourselves and listen to sad music when we are already sad? Here is a HUGE thumbs up to everyone that creates the emotional sounds of music!