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Get Your Ixxion Gear Now!!!

Greetings Ixxion Soldiers, We are very proud to announce, that the Ixxion Gear is In. We Have Great deals, and package savings. The Holiday's are here, so Get your Ixxion Merch NOW!!!

We have Stickers For FREE!!!(just tell us where to send them in a message)

We have Shirts for $10 Each

And you Can Get Your copy of our Free(Concert Only) Demo for $5 Bucks.

We have Special Packages with everything included for $20!! (includes Shipping)

Get Your Ixxion Gear Now, and Be apart of the Ixxion Army!!!!

Hailz~ Ixxion

Album Available

Our First Self-Titled Album is now available on Myspace.com Amazon.com Napster.com Itunes.com Rhapsody.com and much more!!

See www.myspace.com/ixxionmetal for more details!!

Horns High~ Ixxion