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Feeling the vibes, good to know about artist's new songs!!!!


Feeling the vibes, nice to hear from you!

Hey how you doing?

Feeling the vibe at listening to so much talent around here, awesome!! Thank you too for all your comments, it helps me and my musical direction, and of course helps with statistics!! #21 national!


New songs folks!! E Major, and one by Heleana Maria and myself!! It is called Trust In God Always!!

Hello people!

New songs to come!!


A beginning, an end, a through thought, a song needs to have some motion!!! If you move 2 people then you have a song!!


Check out 'Slur'!!!!! New and EXCLUSIVE!!! By The KHM of course!!! You are a great audience!


Hard to know what to blog about, but yeah the music sounds good everywhere! Be excited, other people get excited!!!

New - exclusive - Starship Traveler.

Exclusive new rock instrumental - Starship Traveler! Based on the popularity of Reflections, i wrote this song to compliment it, and added a blues lead!!!


Thank you for listening to my blues, exclusive tracks up here, 'reflections' and 'blues in the rainbow'!!!! Have a good day!!