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Thanks to you that comment!!!

Thank you for all your comments, i don't realize how much is to learn about music, and i learn from feedback not only that my music keeps the listener interested, but about other possibilities, and even about my own choices of doing things! Thanks!!


I have done a collaboration with Heleana Maria called 'Charming Little Angels'!! I added the music and feeling pleased with it on the whole. Her vocal and lyric is sweet, light and tender, then embelished by blues guitar. Worth a listen. Find it on her page for now!! Ta!!! KHM


It's all about the phrasing! Cool! Learn it!!

New collaboration!

New collaboration done! Check it out on Heleana Maria's page. Heleana is a fabulous artist worth checking out!! The new song is 'Charming Little Angels'!! Meanwhile, don't forget to have a listen here to my original blues!!

Collaboration and remix.

Hoping to get a new collaboration done, but hope to have more instrumentals up here!!

Music and time.

Music is a way of stopping time. We all need to stop and think! Make that moment as pleasurable as you can!

Progressing creatively!!

Jammin' with other musicians is such a good way to develop as an artist, and get the new music correct in all it's form and phrasing here!!

Instrumentals too!

Co-writes, remixes and a new instrumental cause it's the want, and of course jammin'!! On the belt!!

Remix of....

I am adding a new guitar track to a remix of Heleana and my 'Crazy Weather'! Coming soon!


I'm adding a new guitar to a remix of Heleana and my 'Crazy Weather'! Coming soon!