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Thanks Fans!!

Been a while since i blogged on here, but i really want to thank my fans, whether that's you Voting for me in Dr john's rock surgery chart, and hey i made #13 in the chart so i know you are voting!!!!!!! I want to thank you that come on my facebook and 'like' my posts there, cause yes i have known you are there!!!!! I have done very well on this chart too, and i would like to thank you my fans for keeping coming back to play my music too. If ever there is a song on here that you want to come back to i think it's Giant boogie, short and sweet, and i hope makes you wanna get up and dance. That's the idea to do just that!!! There are other songs that are free downloads that can increase your pleasure even more!!! Anyway that's my blog, and hope you come here to read it!!! I hope i am keeping in good contact with my fans also, by the useful email method, i try to keep you fans informed and involved.....But this blog has saved me emailing for this moment, until i do next time, cause i know you are out there and you just wanna jump on the blues wagon of listening to these great blues songs. I have also been jammin' and getting out live too, so let's rock and roll!!!!! and keep the music 'live' and 'true'!! KHM

NEW: Desensitized

NEW: Desensitized was written by Heleana Maria, and Dan Albury also wrote more lyrics and produced it. The KHM also added the music and mixed the beginnings of the song!!

Keep voting.

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johns-Rock-Show/145553158869285 you can go here, and 'vote for KHM' too.

Thanks for your votes, i'm voting for others too!!!

Thanks to all who voted me on the rock show on Birmingham city radio, i have made number 4! Just amazed and pleased. The song is 'Cottage Down Heartache Lane'. Check out next Sunday at 6pm.

Heleana Maria
Heleana Maria  (about 5 years ago)

Hi KHM, and Congratulations!
Love that Interesting Instrumental!
Blessings your fan, Ellen or Heleana Maria

'New Collaboration - by Heleana Maria, Dan Albury and KHM

This is a new version of a song Heleana Maria wrote called 'Crazy Weather', in a classic blues style.

Love deeply'

A lyric by Heleana Maria, and i added the music....take a listen....comment if you may.

DREAM OF JAZZ.....free download

NEW, 'DrEaM of JaZz' FREE DOWNLOAD. Have a happy new year............I'm in the top 15 nationally, and top 3 locally...thankyou for believing in me, and i like to play you when you've played me...

Powerful One

Hi Fans. I enjoy working on collaborations and have a NEW ONE up that is written by Heleana Maria called 'Powerful One'! 7beat street (Dan Albury), A Oxman, Samantha Blue and myself all contributed to it!! Please have a listen!! Talk to you all later!!! KHM

NEW - City Lights

To thank you all for your wonderful support 'City Lights' is a FREE DOWNLOAD!

New songs.

New songs, collaboration 'To feel like a child' lyric by Heleana Maria, and 'Textures' atmospheric instrumental.