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New mix

Hi folks. We rejiggered the mix for All My Dreams very slightly. Let me know if you notice the difference

You never know who'll turn up at the jam

This past Wednesday night at the Red Dog Saloon we were honored to have Lacy J. Dalton and her Santa Cruz compadre, Bill Laymon (New Riders, Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson's band) as guests. They graced us with one of the Riders' best songs , The Last Lonely Eagle. Those kinds of surprises make me look forward to hump day!

Adam Traum at Red Dog Saloon

I had a great time sitting in with Adam Traum, Jack Hines, and Michelle Zito (Reno drummer extraordinaire) at the Red Dog on July 19 & 20, 2013. Kenny Passarelli sat in for some songs on Saturday. See the photos I've added...

Special jam at the Red Dog Saloon Wednesday 19 June with Kenny Passarelli!

This coming Wednesday we are going to depart from our usual open mic/jam format because we have a very special guest, Kenny Passarelli. Kenny has played with Joe Walsh (he co-wrote Rocky Mountain Way), Steve Stills, Elton John, Daryl Hall and John Oates, and a host of other people. He will be sitting in on bass and keyboards during the jam. As usual, Virginia City's own Doug Tarrant will also be sitting in. Doug was a touring guitarist with American Bandstand for five years and has played with such legends as Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior.

We will be more formal in scheduling people to play than usual. (That's not hard!) If you want to play, please get in touch with me ahead of time if possible. (You can message me here.)

The jam starts at 7 PM

I played bass for The Bradfords

I played my first official bass gig on New Year's Eve at the West Shore Cafe at Homewood for the Bradfords:(http://www.reverbnation.com/thebradfords) I hope you will take the opportunity to go see them at one of their gigs in the greater Reno area and beyond. (I may be with them.)

StageIt webcast at 6 PST (GMT–8)

Hi everyone, I'll be doing a webcast with Steve Bradford from 18:00-18:30 PST (02:00-02:30 GMT/UTC, about 5 hours from now). I hope you can tune in:


My mom's favorites

I just posted rough cuts of my mother's two favorite songs. My mom turned 97 in May. I'll have to do something really special for her 100th birthday!

Get the KLAP on the Internet!

If you like an eclectic mix of great music with almost no interruptions, I highly recommend that you tune into klap.fm - satisfaction guaranteed!

Who I ('d like to) sound like

We're supposed to tell people who we sound like, so I put down a couple of influences that I wish I sounded like. I may add some others and the same comment will apply

Credits for All My Dreams

Here's the lineup on the recording. Big thanks to everyone who contributed:

Me - rhythm guitar and vocals Nancy Barker - Steinway grand piano Therese Curatolo - vocals Joe McKenna - bass ("The Colonel") Jim Park - pedal steel guitar Dale Poune - lead guitar Tony Savage (Drumberdunp Bumperding) - drums

Tom Gordon (a Man of Great Stature) - producer/engineer

Recorded at Imirage Sound Labs A production of Inspired Amateur Productions (Because there's nothing more dangerous than ..)